Impressive and Effective Key Points for Writing an Appreciable Essay

Impressive and Effective Key Points for Writing an Appreciable Essay

How to write an essay that is captivating and effective?

There are certain nuances besides the content of the essay that make it effective. Therefore, it’s equally important to write smartly and not just resourcefully. Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to write an essay that keeps the readers engrossed throughout.

1. Know your audience

The first thing you need to do when writing an essay is to determine your target readers. It is the key requirement for most of the tips mentioned below. When you know who is going to read your essay, it will be easy for you to choose the right tone and information that best resonates with them.

Knowing your target readers is as important as knowing how to write an essay. You can take essay writing help if needed.

2. Structure and flow

Research your topic carefully and make notes. After doing that, decide on a structure for your essay. Arrange the information in such a way that the narrative flows smoothly. Instead of just throwing facts randomly, give them a narrative such that they connect with each other.

Provide context to each piece of information so that the reader doesn’t feel lost. Thus, each piece of information leading to the conclusion.

3. Focus on the main message

When writing a long essay, it’s easy to deviate from the main point. Make sure you are answering the required question through the essay and not just writing general information about the topic.

However, that does not mean you shouldn’t use out of topic examples. If they explain a part of your topic properly, definitely use them.

4. Cut out anything that’s unnecessary

If you feel some words, or sentences do not serve any purpose in the essay, cut them out. Don’t twist and turn the same point and write it multiple times just for the sake of making it long. 

Remember, an effective essay is precise and simple. Use comprehensible language and avoid jargon. Avoid using the same vocabulary throughout the essay.

5. Maintain a nice rhythm in your sentences

Your paragraphs should have a rhythm that holds the readers’ attention. Avoid using sentences of the same length next to each other or it starts getting monotonous and boring.

Sentences should have variety. If one sentence is short, make the next one a bit longer, and so on. Also, make sure your paragraphs are of an optimal length; not too long.

6. Use references and direct quotes

Use references from valid sources to support your arguments and points. References such as direct quotes from various personalities related to the topic in question are an effective way to provide evidence to your information and convey legitimacy. Otherwise, your arguments might appear dull.

7. The right amount of what, why, and how

Most essays answer the questions of what, why, and how. An effective essay has just the right amount of all three. For instance, you are writing an essay on ‘Global warming’. In that case, we can form the three questions as: ‘what is global warming?’, ‘Why is it happening?’, and ‘how can it be controlled?’.

Determining what needs to be answered and how much information is to be written for each section is the key to an impactful essay.

8. Recap each major section

At the end of each major argument in your essay, make sure it ties back to the main point of the essay. Without a recap, certain arguments can lose perspective or deviate from the point you are trying to prove.

Moving on to the next argument in such cases can make your essay feel jumpy.

9. Use transition words

Use transition words such as ‘therefore’, ‘whereas’, and ‘for instance’. Transition words are the path that guides your reader and maintains the flow of the essay. Avoid starting your sentences with ‘and’, ‘but’, etc.

If a new paragraph continues the argument or point from the previous one, use connectors such as ‘however’, ‘in addition to’, ‘furthermore’, and so on.

10. A strong conclusion

Your conclusion shouldn’t be identical to your introduction, or the topic statement itself. A weak conclusion such as that dilutes the impact of your essay even if everything else is strong. Strengthen your conclusion by addressing the holes in your arguments. Mention counter-arguments.

Another nice way to conclude your essay is to leave a question. The conclusion should not only sum up your essay but also leave an open end for the readers to ponder upon. That is what leaves a lasting impact.

With that, we’re at our conclusion as well! These tips will help you better understand how to write an essay that is effective and holds the reader’s attention. Make sure to edit your essay after completing the first draft to hone it properly and make it more presentable.

Remember- A good essay might have a large amount of information, but an effective essay is precise, easily understandable, and to the point.

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