How To Make Web Stories On Google!

How To Make Web Stories On Google!

Along with technology, our needs are also increasing. There is no doubt that technology is making our daily lives and work easier but frankly speaking, it also increases your workload. But if you really want to earn you need to work more and frankly speaking the Internet gives us many ways and wider options to earn money. The current trending option is “Google Web Stories” which is a new way of attracting people towards it and people are keen to know “How to make Google Web stories”?

Features of Google Web Stories

This is widely searched by the people who want to learn this thing so that We TheGossipsWorld find more options to earn. But before talking about how to create it let’s know more about Google Web Stories. It will help to get more details of this new thing as well as, for those who are hearing this thing for the first time and keen to know about it. Individuals love watching stories disclose which makes tappable story experiences quite famous. You all must be using Google and sometimes find news below the search bar, a Google web story showing the news of our interest, which we usually search on Google.

Structure of Google Web Stories

Web Stories are a new structure of content that is particularly fabricated to give informative and short content which would hardly be 2-3 minutes long. Several social media platforms exist in order to make these tappable stories. Tappable basically means the content which makes us tap on it. Every social media or website have its own version and in this way, a search giant has its own version which is called “Google Web Stories”. GWS are powered by AMP technology and are possessed by search giants.

Examples of GWS ( Google Web Stories)

The creator has the ability to upload them on their own site is what creates differences from the experiences of other stories. Facebook and Instagram stories are the biggest examples of this. Not only this the creator also includes calls to action, Google AdWords, and links in their GWS. In further addition to making viewing the stories on their website, individuals can also watch Google WebStories in the search giant, in the images of Google, or also through the application Google Discover. This application is available on Android and Apple devices. Having your own GWS content gives the person the entire advantage or benefit of imposing the opportunities of SEO and creating the most hypnotic option of storytelling.

Mapping of GWS

It is essential to think about the image of the brand prior to making the 1st GWS. It is necessary to frame an image in your mind that what kind of stories you thinking to show people. Pimping the power of stories can be an involving way to get individuals to care about the brand and what the person wants to show. In order to easily explain to people how to create web stories on Google, the search giant recently posted a video along with an article that informs us how it is easy to start posting Web Stories and generating revenue through a new channel and how to get the traffic.

For any website traffic is really important as it helps to increase the figures of earnings. Talking about the video posted by Google asserts that it is really possible that anyone can create Web Stories within 5 minutes. But according to us, it may take more time, particularly for those who create it for the 1st time. It may be easy for those who already know about it but it is not an easy task for those who made it for the first time.

How To Make Google Web Stories

It is not that much tough or complicated to create Web Stories. The creator needs to follow just five easy steps to make their own GWS. The first step is the person needs to select a visual editor and after that, the creator requires to draft the story which he or she will be thinking to show through their GWS. The 3rd step is to discover the visual assets and after that make the Web Story. Once you follow all the steps carefully the last and final step is to publish your own created web store. We know most of you still do not understand the ways to create GWS. Keep scrolling to know more things in detail.


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