How Can Cannabis Help Suppress Obesity?


Using weed and losing weight may sound absurd. Why? Because using cannabis means you will experience the munchies. It means the strong desire you have for food after using cannabis. This appetite stimulant property is one of the reasons why cannabis received medical approval. Hence, doctors suggest medical cannabis for people suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy, such as loss of appetite. Everyone knows that eating more will increase your body weight. Hence, why should you think about an appetite stimulant like cannabis in your weight loss regime? Interesting data from recent research indicates otherwise.

Can Cannabis Suppress Obesity?

According to a study published in 2011, obesity among cannabis users seems lower compared to non-user. Another study conducted among people over the age of 21 indicates lower chances of excess body weight among adults using cannabis. Studies also show CBD, a compound in cannabis, may boost metabolism and promote weight loss. Hence, using high-quality CBD from trusted sources like NuLeaf Naturals may help you achieve your weight loss goal. While these studies show you can include cannabis in your routine to reduce weight, you may wonder how it works. Listed below are some of the ways cannabis can help you lose weight.

  • Cannabis Can Promote Good Sleep

Do you know your body weight depends on other factors besides eating? Good sleep is one such factor influencing weight loss. We burn calories when we sleep well. Hence, a good night’s sleep is essential for burning calories. Poor sleep can increase your hunger pangs resulting in a higher frequency of midnight snacking. Cannabis containing high levels of CBD can help you relax and sleep well. A study indicated its effectiveness in improving the REM sleep cycle. It also enhances the excessive feeling of drowsiness.

  • It May Improve Gut Microbiome

Do you know that the endocannabinoid system and gut microorganism interaction can influence the integrity of your gut barrier? Hence, this interaction can have a direct influence on your health. Cannabis is one of the drugs that can bridge the interaction of ECS and the gut microbiome. A study conducted in 2015 on obese mice indicated the effectiveness of cannabis in losing weight. The oral ingestion of cannabis changed the gut flora of the mice resulting in weight loss. Scientists are interested in learning more about the intestinal microbiome. They seem to control many things in the human body, including a person’s behavior and different body functions.

  • Cannabis Can Lower Stress

Most of us turn to comfort foods such as ice cream or brownies when we experience stress. Stress-eating is not a myth but a real thing. Studies reveal that many people tend to overeat when they become stressed. Cannabis may ease anxiety and help you relax. It may replace stress eating and subsequent obesity.

  • It Can Increase Mobility

For burning calories, you need to increase your activity levels. If pain or stiffness limits your mobility, you become susceptible to weight gain. Cannabis may ease such discomforts developing in the body. Thus, you become active and burn more calories. It is also helpful when you feel sore due to exercising. The anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis can ease such issues and urge you to follow the exercise regime.

  • It May Improve Focus

Apart from making you feel calm, CBD in cannabis can make you more focused. Loss of focus is one of the main reasons why you ditch any workout routine. With improved focus, you can overcome any reluctance to perform the exercise. But, try to limit its use to repetitive cardio exercises such as cycling or using a treadmill. Avoid using it for resistance exercises such as weightlifting.

  • It Can Reduce Appetite

CBD, the effective compound in cannabis, can reduce appetite. Hunger pangs occur when you consume high levels of THC. THC can stimulate the CB1 receptor in your endocannabinoid system to release a hormone, increasing food intake. CBD can trigger the CB1 receptor antagonists. They can block off the receptor and help with reducing your food intake. So, it enables you to control your food intake that reduces the total calories consumed. It can also boost metabolism aiding your weight loss.

  • It May Turn Bad Fat Into Good Fat

The CBD compound found in cannabis can convert white fat (bad fat) into brown. Brown fat may help the body burn calories for energy. According to a study, this non-psychotic compound found in cannabis can play multiple roles in the body’s mechanism of interacting with fat. This study concluded that CBD could help convert white fat into brown fat. It also stimulates the body to break down fat cells efficiently.

Use Cannabis And Remain Fit

THC in high levels can cause the munchies phenomenon. Hence, you need to stay away from strain with high THC levels when you plan to lose weight. Such strains may increase your appetite. If you insist on taking such strains, you can counteract appetite stimulation by adding CBD drops. Getting CBD in your system may aid in smoothing out the experience. For better guidance, you need to talk to your doctor about the correct dose.

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Cannabis and weight loss seem like a complex equation. You can get a clear picture only when data related to different studies come out. Until then, you have to experiment with different strains and doses to find the right one to help you with weight loss. Talk to an expert to discuss the correct dose for the safe use of cannabis to shed excess weight safely.

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