HealthPally Hints: How to Get Quality Olive Oil for Healing

HealthPally Hints: How to Get Quality Olive Oil for Healing

Olive Oil production

Although a lot of machines are already being made today, there is still a lot of manual work left to produce a good olive oil.

The ripening period of the olives must be carefully adapted to obtain a very high-quality oil.

Then,  the olives should not fall on the floor but should be harvested from the tree.

Certainly, this is not difficult, because the trees are not very high but an olive does not weigh much and at about 30 kg for harvesting, you are already very long at work.

Thus, it is perhaps also understandable that a good olive oil has its price and you’re much compensated with the irresistible taste and health values.

You can try it with bread to know how good a fresh white bread tastes with a little olive oil, says Healthpally.

Olive Oil Main ingredient

The curative effects of the olive oil lie in the approximately 1000 active ingredients that can be found in the oil.

The exact ingredients are always a topic in various studies.

It is interesting that the olive oil is mainly made of unsaturated oleic acids.

Only around eight percent are unsaturated fatty acids and 16% saturated fatty acids.

The oleic acid is very important because it has very special effects, for example on blood.

The structure of the cell is positively influenced by the oil acid and that is why it is recommended for the preparation of food for small children.

Pregnant women should also prefer olive oil to other oils.

In this way, oleic acid can also be passed on to the baby in breast milk.

Buying Good olive oil

You should always pay attention to one thing, that’s quality when buying olive oil, healthpally advised.

Certainly, you can get it cheapest but how sure are you that it’s from a good source or it may also be that it is produced with other oils. 

Therefore, no matter where you buy it, it is worthwhile to compare the different brands and suppliers in the shop or even on the internet.

The cheapest does not have to be the worst but can have a slightly inferior oil than an expensive one.

Anyone who wants to buy olive oil can of course get it in the various shops or online merchant stores with your credit card. 

However, ordering online is much easier as this way, you can make sure that you buy a high-quality product.

 It is possible to check the vendor and manufacturer prior to purchase, healthpally boss reinstated.

 Unfortunately, over the last few years, there have been suppliers who have offered low-quality goods and referred to something as olive oil but this was enriched with other vegetable oils.

It is also important that olive oil comes from organic farming and therefore the olives have not been treated with pesticides. 

Also, the oil should not contain fillers, dyes, or other chemical substances.

How to Keep Olive Oil

The olive oil lasts a few months when it is stored correctly. 

Those who only use small amounts of oil for cooking should only buy a small bottle of olive oil so that it does not lose its taste.

The best is of course fresh olive oil. 


A small amount of olive oil is directly massaged into the skin. 

There are of course also some cosmetic products that are enriched with olive oil, which can be ordered online here.

 Who wants to, but can also order the pure olive oil and produce his own cosmetics.

Of course, the dual application is advisable taking it as food into your stomach and also applying it in on your skin. 

Thus, one can prevent the ageing process, strengthen the immune system, and prevent the various diseases – healthpally doctor.

olive oil

Therefore, olive oil is a very valuable product that should be used regularly. 

With the application, you can strengthen the cardiovascular system and avoid heart attacks.

 It is also possible to avoid the formation of cancer tumors and also to combat them.

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