Guide to Decorating A Vintage-style Bedroom

Guide to Decorating A Vintage-style Bedroom

Vintage-style bedrooms have been around for a long time, all around the world, it is like a new breeze bearing the stamp of time and romantic beauty. If you are also a “follower” of this design style, let’s learn the secret to owning a light, close and beautiful vintage bedroom!

1. Why is the vintage bedroom so popular?

Vintage is an interior design style with a smooth blend of classic and modern elements, between the old and the new. It can be furniture that is reused for a role, a function, a new meaning, or new items but designed in an antique, nostalgic direction.

Because of that, the vintage-style bedroom often covers the living space with a layer of “dust” of time that is both quiet, gentle, and romantic. And of course with this trend, homeowners also never have to worry that their room will one day become out of fashion.

2. How to own your signature vintage bedroom

2.1 Pay attention to furniture selection

As we have learned, nostalgic objects are a prominent feature in vintage interior design. A familiar item that you can easily identify such as a cage chandelier, antique clock, portrait or nature sketch, decorative pillow, ceramic flower pot, etc. All have contributed to the beauty of the room. soft, quiet, and attractive.

You can completely decorate your bedroom by yourself. Beautiful decorations are always available on e-commerce sites, remember to use discount codes, coupons available at websites to receive many great deals.

2.2 Material

Simple, idyllic but very friendly, close to the feeling that a vintage-style bedroom brings thanks to the skillful combination of rich materials such as wood, raw fabric, textiles, or lace. With experience and knowledge, design experts recommend that wooden floors with natural colors are the perfect choice for this style.

Beds and wardrobes should also prioritize wooden materials because of the time value it brings or families can use chrome-plated metal to effectively convey the most authentic nostalgic feelings to space. time.

2.3 Ingenuity in color selection

Besides interior elements and interior materials, color also plays an equally important role in creating the foundation for vintage design. The right color group for this interior design style bedroom must include gentle pastel tones such as white, pastel pink, light yellow, earth orange, sky blue, etc. Your job is to choose which color to choose. is the main theme and how to combine them to bring a feeling of relaxation, comfort but no less elegant and elegant. At the same time, the color must also reflect the personality and preferences of the owner.

2.4 Come up with your ideas

Ideas are like a guideline that guides all the work that we have pointed out earlier. This is also the factor that makes your living space different from other vintage-style bedrooms. Therefore, exchange your ideas with designers and listen to their professional advice to perfect them.

3. How to decorate a bedroom in vintage style

3.1 Creating the background for the bedroom

What is the background for the bedroom? Besides the color, all the textures that you decorate on the walls are also the background that enhances the aesthetic value of the whole living space.

3.2 Caring for the bed

If the sofa table is the soul of the living room, the bed is the most essential piece of furniture in the bedroom. That is why we need to decorate and take care of that space so that it is beautiful and warm so that every moment of rest becomes wonderful.

First, invest in the right bedding set to your liking. Then take the time to beautify the bedside area with commemorative pictures, beautiful and warm little lamps.

3.3 Use retro decorative accessories

Nostalgia is one of the top factors that help a vintage-style bedroom conquer customers. It is the beauty that is imprinted with the time, subtly those old memories that fill the emotions of the rustic and idyllic space.

It is not necessary to invest in too many expensive decorative accessories, your job is to know how to select and choose the most suitable and soulful products for that floating, romantic private world. Some popular items used to decorate vintage bedrooms such as pendulum clocks, wind chimes, brocade carpets, soft and charming lace curtains, etc.

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4. Looking for a professional vintage designer

Vintage bedroom design looks simple but in fact, it is not. Although it does not require cumbersome and complicated details, classy and massive items, vintage interior design needs great creativity, sophistication, and ingenuity in the ability to patch emotions. to create a living space rich in artistic and human values.

Therefore, you need to find reputable addresses, have a lot of experience in the field of interior design, especially vintage-style bedroom design, for advice, support, and realization of the dream room in your home.

5. Conclusion

Above are the instructions to help you decorate your bedroom in a vintage style. For those who love romantic nostalgia, the vintage bedroom will definitely bring sweet moments.

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