Do You Want to Boost Testosterone Levels?

testosterone levels

Do you want to boost testosterone levels? Discover the diet and lifestyle do have, and that can help you achieve testosterone levels.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is a type of male hormone, and testosterone is an important hormone related to bones, muscles, libido, and motivation.

Testosterone is an essential hormone for youthful life, and about 95% of testosterone make from the testicles. Also, a small number of women make from the ovaries and adrenal glands.

Testosterone has the effect of building muscle, such as protein synthesis.

Testosterone is a motivational hormone that motivates you to try various things, such as wanting to win the competition or get results at work.

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So people who are trying something tend to have high levels.

Five effects that increase testosterone levels

By increasing testosterone levels

Makes it easier to build muscle

The higher the level, the easier it is to build muscle.

Therefore, I want to prevent the testosterone level from decreasing.


High testosterone levels are motivating.

It seems that testosterone levels are high in the morning when you sleep well.

Testosterone has the effect of promoting the secretion of dopamine.

Motivation comes when dopamine secret.

Less likely to get depressed

A condition in which the testosterone level is deficient call male menopause or LOH syndrome (aged male hypogonadism syndrome).

Lower testosterone levels make you more susceptible to depression. Many people who become depressed are lacking in exercise or not physically trained.

In addition, there are many cases in which people with depression have their testosterone levels increased by muscle training, and their depression has been cured.

Many people with high testosterone levels are exercising or doing muscle training.

You may have heard that muscle training cures depression or muscle training improves depression, but this is true because muscle training raises testosterone levels.

Many people say that their faces have changed after muscle training and that they have become more masculine because their testosterone levels rise.

Many males who are highly male and who are full of themselves have high testosterone levels.

This testosterone extensively involves muscle, masculinity, motivation, self-confidence, etc.

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Probably, I think that those who can do boxing, karate, kickboxing, judo, martial arts, etc. will have higher testosterone levels than just muscle training.

People who are excited about fighting and cheering can see that the testosterone level is clearly rising, and watching sports and martial arts is also very exciting and recommended. So muscle training recommends.

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Eat Foods That Raise Testosterone

  • Eat onions

A study by Tokai University has revealed in recent years that sulfur-containing compounds contained in onions activate the secretion of testosterone.

  • Eat garlic

Garlic is high in allicin, which says to stimulate the secretion of testosterone.

It is said that testosterone levels increase when garlic is eaten with a high-protein diet, such as eating garlic with steak.

Black garlic is recommended because it is more nutritious than garlic.

  • Eat oysters

Oysters are rich in protein and are the right ingredients for building muscle, but they are also rich in zinc, boosting testosterone.

Therefore, it is the food that you want to eat positively.

  • Eat mushrooms

Mushrooms work to prevent the body from making an enzyme called aromatase.

It turns out that mushrooms that prevent the production of aromatase have the effect of maintaining testosterone, as aromatase can convert testosterone into female hormones.

  • Eat egg yolk

The source of testosterone is cholesterol.

That’s why eating egg yolks is useful, and egg yolks contain vitamin D3, which affects raising testosterone levels.

  • Eat celery

Celery contains a component called 5α-androstane-16-en-3α-oil, which has androstenedione, a hormone necessary to animals.

Celery is a recommended food for both men and women, as it seems to be a substance very similar to testosterone and estrogen.

Therefore, if you want to raise your testosterone level, we recommend that you eat aggressively.

  • Eat oats (oatmeal)

Oatmeal is said to have the effect of increasing the amount of free testosterone.

It seems that there are cases where testosterone levels have risen by about 27% after eating oatmeal.

Few people eat oatmeal, but many people who train muscles eat oatmeal.

Oatmeal is also recommended for dieting.

  • Eat yam

It is said that the ingredient DHEA contained in yam has the effect of raising male hormone levels.

In addition, mucin and arginine contained in yam are effective in strengthening energy.

  • Eat broccoli

Broccoli, a staple of muscle trainers and dieters, has the effect of suppressing the female hormone estrogen and increasing testosterone.

Vitamin B6 contained in broccoli is a nutrient that synthesizes muscle. Broccoli is a prevalent food for muscle training lovers, so be sure to eat it.

  • Eat asparagus

Asparagus is said to mean the jargon of “male genitalia” in French.

Aspartic acid and vitamin E, which are abundant in asparagus, promote the secretion of testosterone.

Aspartic acid is a component that detoxifies ammonia and discharges it to the outside of the body.

Not only that, but it also has the effect of relieving fatigue and improving physical condition. Vitamin B6 stimulates the secretion of test tension.

  • Eat cabbage

Cabbage is high in indole-3-carbinol, a botanical chemical that stimulates the secretion of testosterone.

Tips for Not Decreasing Testosterone Levels

From here, I will talk about the causes of lowering testosterone levels and their countermeasures.

Refrain from excessive dieting

Maybe some people have had the experience of losing their libido due to excessive dieting?

There is data that testosterone decreased when you dieted excessively, and I often hear that people who participated in contests such as bodybuilding and physique lost too much body fat and reduced libido. I feel that my testosterone levels are dropping when I’m on a fatty diet.

If you reduce too many carbohydrates and protein, your testosterone levels will decrease.

Refrain from drinking alcohol

Alcohol not only lowers testosterone levels for up to 24 hours but also stimulates cortisol secretion, which can mess up your muscles.


Testosterone is an essential hormone for those who want to build muscle.

I also attach great importance to it, but since it is difficult to eat all the food every day, I focus on broccoli, broccoli sprout, asparagus, black garlic, onions, cabbage, etc.

The key to keeping testosterone levels high is to try these things within a reasonable range of consciously.

When I become an old man like me, my testosterone level is low, so I want to suppress testosterone levels as much as possible.

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