Choose the Best Framework in 2020

If you are a developer starting on an assignment and cannot choose that JavaScript framework to use, this manual needs to help you construct a decision.

We cover several components of Angular, Vue, and React to test but they match your needs. This put up isn’t always actually a manual Angular vs React vs Vue but pursuits to provide a shape to help determine front-cease JavaScript frameworks in general. simply in case, a substitute framework arrives subsequent year, you will understand exactly what parameters to seem at!


Angular, advanced via manner of means of Google, became initial launched in two010, creating it the oldest of the lot. it’s a TypeScript-primarily primarily based completely JavaScript framework. A widespread shift occurred in 2016 on the discharge of Angular 2 (and the loss of the “JS” from the authentic name – AngularJS). Angular 2+ is termed simply Angular. though AngularJS (model 1) notwithstanding receives updates, we can consciousness the dialogue on Angular. the fashionable day solid model is Angular 10, which became launched in June 2020.


Vue, moreover referred to as Vue.js, is that the youngest member of the group. it has been advanced through ex-Google employee Evan You in 2014. Over the ultimate three years, Vue has visible a large shift in popularity, even though it doesn’t have the backing of an outsized company. the existing strong model is 2.6, discharged in Gregorian calendar month 2019 (with a few little revolutionary releases when you consider that then).

History of Angular vs Vue

Angular Vue
Initial release 2010 2014
Official site
Approx. size (KB) 500 80
Current version 9 2.6x
Used by Google, Wix Alibaba, GitLab


Components are vital components of frameworks, regardless of if we’re speaking Vue, Angular. An element commonly receives an input, and adjustments conduct primarily based totally on it. This conduct alternate commonly manifests as an alternate withinside the UI of a few a part of the page. The use of additives makes it smooth to reuse code. An element can be a cart on an e-trade web website online or a login container on a social network.


In Angular, additives are noted as directives. Directives are simply markers on DOM elements, that Angular can song and connect precise conduct too. Therefore, Angular separates the UI a half of additives as attributes of hypertext mark-up language tags, and their behaviors withinside the shape of JavaScript code. this can be what units it aside whilst searching at Angular vs React.


When looking out into Vue vs React, in Vue, UI and conduct are also a part of additives, that makes matters larger intuitive. Also, Vue is perceptibly customizable, which permits you to combine the UI and conduct of additives from within a script. Further, you may also use pre-processors in Vue as critical CSS, that’s a high-quality functionality. Vue is high-quality in terms of integration with completely different libraries, like Bootstrap.

Comparison of Angular VS Vue

Angular has a steep mastering curve, thinking about it is an entire solution, and getting to know Angular desires you to be instructed related thoughts like being counted and MVC. although it takes time to study Angular, the funding can pay dividends in phrases of know-how but the forepart works.

Vue offers higher customizability associate degreed as a result’s easier to analyze than Angular or React. Further, Vue has an overlap with Angular and React with admire to their capability a bit like the employment of components. Hence, the transition to Vue from each of the two may be a swish option. However, the simplicity and flexibility of Vue is an ambiguous arm — it permits terrible code, creating it powerful to correct and test.

Angular is the most mature of the frameworks, has clever backing in phrases of members, and will be a whole package. However, the educational curve is steep and thoughts of improvement in Angular would possibly shelve new builders. Angular is a real preference for companies with big agencies and builders who already use TypeScript.

Vue is the latest to the arena, without the backing of the main company.

However, it’s completed undoubtedly nicely withinside the last few future years out as a strong competition for Angular and Reacts. this is often probably gambling a perform with varied Chinese giants like Alibaba and Baidu choosing Vue as their darling front-quit JavaScript framework.

However, it stays to be visible the approach it will withinside destiny and one is even to take care of it. Vue needs to be your need just in case you choose on simplicity but to boot like flexibility.

The answer to the debate of Angular vs Vue is that there’s no absolute right choice, a conclusion that you probably expected.

Each of these libraries has its own benefits and drawbacks. Based on the project you’re working on and your requirements, one of these is going to be more suitable than the others. It’s always key to do your research before deciding, especially if you’re going to be working on a business venture and not on a personal project.


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