Career After BCA

Career After BCA

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Applications is a fantastic course for students interested in Computer Science and Information Technology (IT). It’s an undergraduate course that can be pursued after the 12th Standard by scoring a minimum of 50% in it. Students get to explore an exciting career after BCA in the ever-growing IT field, which is going through a rapid and massive transformation every passing day.

BCA is a 3-year course that can be pursued at some of the best colleges that help students explore exciting job opportunities after BCA. The colleges help in networking and encourage students to participate in various events related to this field. BCA colleges in Bangalore and India impart education in this field through a robust curriculum curated for this industry. 

Students can seek admissions in Bangalore in some of the best BCA colleges. These help them explore lucrative BCA career options and tread forward in this field. BCA’s course-structure focuses on topics such as Database Management Systems, Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Web Technology, and others. 

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What to do after BCA?

BCA offers a lot of exciting career opportunities for students. Apart from higher studies, a student can explore BCA career options in the private and public sectors. 

Below is the list that discusses scope after BCA:

  • Public Sector Jobs:

Students can explore the public sector for jobs after BCA. Navratna companies, public sector banks, and other public sector companies recruit BCA students and offer them exciting job opportunities after BCA. The recruitment process does not always involve an entrance exam. They release regular vacancy posts that can be applied by the candidates. 

Exploring jobs after BCA in the public sector helps students to earn a stable income in this field. Students get to work intensively in this sector, which is gradually inculcating IT into their modus operandi. It provides a dynamic environment for them to learn and grow. 

  • Private Sector Jobs:

Private sector companies employ a crux of the BCA graduates in India. Top IT companies such as TCS, Wipro, Infosys, and others recruit eligible candidates and provide them with an exciting career after BCA. 

BCA career options in private sector companies allow students to get into job profiles of a Developer, Analyst, System Engineer, and Programmer. The renowned IT companies offer lucrative salaries after BCA and provide dynamic growth opportunities to students. 

  • Master Degree Programs:

BCA students can go for higher studies after they complete their courses. It will allow them to specialize and perform better in this field. Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Computer Application (MCA) are among the most popular master’s degree courses pursued by BCA graduates. 

Master degree programs allow the students to explore job opportunities after BCA in managerial positions in top MNCs in the country. In addition to these master’s degree programs, students can go for some of the best software courses after BCA that will help them specialize in an area of software development. 

  • Freelancing:

Companies at their nascent stage, such as startups, look for freelancers who can develop their website or product for low prices. These companies are budget constrained and cannot afford to hire a full-time developer or programmer. Hence they hire freelancers who can do their job. 

These companies hire BCA graduates who can work in a dynamic environment and can build the founder’s vision. Freelancing, as a career option, is gradually picking up in India because of the range of opportunities that it provides. 

  • Exploring Government Jobs:

Government jobs such as IAS, IPS, IFS, and other reputed jobs can be pursued after doing BCA. Students can answer entrance examinations such as UPSC, UPSC CDSE, and others. The job profile will help the students serve in administrative positions in the Government of India and State Governments. 

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How to get a job after BCA?

Students can explore some of the opportunities to get into the best jobs after BCA. As mentioned above, there are various public sector and private sector companies that recruit BCA students. 

Below are the steps that can be followed to get a job after BCA:

  • Software Courses: 

Students can get into top companies by doing specialized certificate courses, such as Blockchain, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Data Scientist, Product Management, and many more. These are some of the best software courses after BCA that can be pursued to get into specific top MNCs in the country. 

Students can pursue the best software courses after BCA by going for top educational institutes’ online classes. It provides them with flexibility in learning and also opens up holistic avenues for them. 

  • Internships:

Companies always lookout for candidates who have had some experience in their field. Internships help the students to gain that experience. Students can explore internship opportunities in fields such as Digital Marketing, Software Development, and others. 

Internships quickly catch the recruiter’s attention and help the students to stand out from the rest. These experiences also help them learn how companies work in this field. It helps you to explore a dynamic scope after BCA.  

  • Master Degree Courses

As mentioned earlier, this is always a viable option after BCA. Going for an MBA or MCA helps students to grab job opportunities quickly. These programs allow students to dive deeper into the field and look for a vibrant scope after BCA. 

Students can also go for other master’s degree courses such as Information Security Management (ISM) and Master’s Degree in Information Management. 

Salary after BCA:

BCA students get the opportunity to work in dynamic environments and earn lucrative pay packages. Companies hiring BCA graduates provide exciting opportunities in terms of roles and salary. 

Below is a table that discusses salary after BCA for specific roles:

salary after BCA

Salary after pursuing Master Degree Programs after BCA:

As mentioned in the earlier sections, students can go for Master’s Degree programs after BCA. These programs are MBA, MCA, and others. 

Below is a table containing the salary offered after the completion of these courses:

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