Best Yoga Poses That can Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety

Yoga Poses

Talking with today’s generation one thing is very clear that due to the heavy rush and everything “fast” the problem of anxiety, depression, and negative thoughts are a part of their everyday life. This cannot be erased permanently thus can be controlled. The best and cheapest way to do so is through yoga. So let us not waste any more time and get into some amazing yoga poses that would reduce symptoms of anxiety giving one a peaceful and balanced life.

Here are few poses of Yoga that will help you to reduce the anxiety

Pose 1-Bound angle recline pose

Here you just need to lie down on the ground and fold your legs half. After keeping your hand on both the side or on the top of your tummy you just need to move the left from right side to left. Very calmly do it very slowly and as time passes to increase the speed. This pose helps you to be calm and relax as you lie down and draws out all the anxiety in you or negative thoughts. To add a little bit extra you can also add a piece of very calming and soothing music at a very low pace.

Pose 2- Seated Forward Bend

Seated Forward Bend

Here you need to sit down straight with your legs open at your front. Try and keep your legs joint and then take your hands up. After that join both your hands together and bring both of the slow down to your legs. While the hands are at the top inhale the air and slowly exhale as you come down. Do this process very slowly and try and imagine some good picture or about something that you are in love with. Also, try and s this in the early morning in a room full of fresh air. This process will relax your body and your mind will calm down giving you a very fresh start. This is a very basic pose and also is done by the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh for the treatment of anxiety.

Pose 3- Child Pose

Child Pose

Sit with folded legs on a mat and take both hands in front of you. The shape of your body will be exactly like an animal with four legs. Then slowly go back and come front. As you go back your legs should be folded and your hands straight. This not only will improve your back pain and back problem but along with that calms your body. The head should be down bowed. You can close your eyes as well while you are doing this pose. The foot should be flat on the ground and the back straight without any folding. Very slowly do this at least 20 times a day and see the results. 

Pose 4- Fish pose

Fish pose

For this pose keep your body straight and just lie down straight. Then fold your arms and with the arms support arc your body and 90 degrees. Now very slowly brings your chest and back up and both of them should rise together again fall back together. Repeat this process continues in a mediocre space. The head should be up and legs straight. All your support should be in your arms. The hands must not fold or bend. Begin slowly and as it goes on you can increase your speed. The pose will bring a balance in your body slowly motivating you to bring that in your life. Thus this pose helps you to reduce your anxiety and calms your body.

Pose 5- Triangle pose

Triangle pose

For this pose spread your legs flat on the ground and stand. Then spread your hands also straight which will be at an equal level to your shoulders. Then in this position, one time come down and touch your right leg with your right and then your left leg with your left hand. Continue this process very slowly and one thing to keep in mind is that at any point in time your legs and hands should not at all fold. You can repeat this several times. Along with calming your body this pose is beneficial for both your back knee and the entire body. While doing this pose you can choose an area that is just in nature to have that fresh feel which adds an extra benefit to the entire routine.

Pose 6- Hero Pose

Hero Pose

This is one of the most renowned poses and is also practiced by 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh to reduce anxiety and depression tendency. All you need to do is sit on your folded legs and keep both hands by your side. Then slowly one needs to bring the chest in and out keeping the breathing constant. The step has to be done very slowly and steadily. You can also add some great smell like an instinct stick or burning candle to make the atmosphere calm and quiet. The atmosphere for all these poses has a great effect and plays a very important role in the poses and final effect.

Pose 7- Tree pose

Tree pose

For this pose, all you need to do is have a very steady and strong mind. This pose is all about balancing oneself and can be done easily. This brings confidence to you and motivates you. All you need to do is stand joined legs and then fold your hands to put one leg up and hold the pose for few minutes. This phase of holding is the cartilage challenging part. This pose develops the power of the inner you and brings out a stronger person. The tree pose enhances a person from within. This is one of the easiest poses and doesn’t need much preparation. Thus this pose can be done at any point in time. The tree pose is one of the simplest poses and can be done by anyone. Also doing yoga and thinking everything negative won’t help much. Along with all these poses and Asanas you also need to divert your in to different things.

Pose 8- Standing Forward

Standing Forward

For this pose, stand joined leg and take your hand up exactly on your head and join them, and all you need to do bring your hand down to the feet. While you are covering the journey from up to down breathe slow and keep your mind there in the pose. Try and avoid as many thoughts as possible because that would make the pose much effective. Also, this pose will help one to calm the body from top to bottom as the hands come down. Also, this helps in relaxing the mind by helping to work on the back. Thus the standing forward pose works for two aspects.

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Thus these are the few poses that reduce any symptoms of anxiety along with helping your body to improve. Also, all these poses bring in confidence which often is the reason behind the anxiety. All these calm one’s mind down and is recommended to do in the morning. Morning time is the best time to feel the fresh air and working with it gives the best result

Also if you want you can take the help of music, something that smells good while doing these poses. These features will enhance the working capacity of all these poses. Thus that is why these few items are recommended. Well we hope whatever you are going through shall pass soon and one thing to remember is there is always a better side to everything. Along with the yoga practice try and divert your mind to some other aspects also like reading listening to songs etc. Always try to see the positive aspect of everything keep trying and surely you will reach one day.

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