Best Water Purifiers Under 15,000

best water purifiers

Safety and health are the ultimate needs of every person in this world. The bacteria and viruses are everywhere present on the earth, so we should have a complete list of the things that are used by us in our everyday life. Water is the main transferring vector of viruses because of its impurity. So, you should prefer the best water purification system for your office and home to get the prevention of the disease and ill health.

It is one of the top water purifiers brands. The list of the best water purifiers is a follows-Blue star, Liv pure, Kent, AO Smith, etc. All these are linked with RO, UV, RO+UV, UV+UF, and other machinery. There are many ways of reversing osmosis and purifying water.

The cost of the water purification system is the economic health facility that can surely be afforded by the people who have health burdens. So here are a few models of water purifiers that one could easily get at the cheapest price of under 15,000.

In this article, a list of best water purifiers under 15,000 is given below.

Bluestar Majesto 8L RO+UV water purifier

Blue star is one of the best companies for making purifiers in India. Blue star introduces a purifier for office and home that combines advanced machinery RO+UV to give you water at its good. It is counted among the best water purifiers of its kind. Available in two colors, silver and black, this purifier is supplied with RO+UV machinery. The water purifier has machinery such as RO membrane, pre-sediment post, UV lamp, carbon filter. The water purifier consists of a six-stage purification process with water through various layers.


  • RO membrane and UV lamp – To eliminate harmful and water portable bacteria and viruses from the water.
  • Silver and black color – A mix of black and silver over black adds to the beauty of purifier
  • Sediment filter – It’s job is to clean sand, small soil particles of water, and period particles
  • Capacity – 8L


  • Six stage purification system
  • Pre carbon filter
  • UV lamp
  • RO membrane


  • Capacity – 1L
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Available in silver and black color only

Kent new grand 8L wall-mountable RO+UV+UF+TDS water purifier

Kent is one of the most decent and selling RO water purifiers in India with a transparent design. It is most sufficient for Indian households, offices, and homes for cleaning tap water, salt water, and municipal water.


  • Capacity – Storage up to 8L
  • Purification capacity – Clean up to 20L
  • Power – 60W
  • UV lamp – Kill microbes and viruses present in the water


  • Aqua taste booster
  • Power
  • Capacity
  • RO+UV+UF+TDS water


  • Color – Only white

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard superb 6.5L UV+UF water purifier 

Aqua guard is a good water purifier company. The water purifier is supplied in mineral Gord machinery. The company claims that such machinery is not available in any other water purifier in the market.

The aqua guard with good UV+UF water purifier, you will find specifications such as Mineral Guard TM machinery, invasion free Lid, Biotron TM, LED indicators


  • LED indicator – Look for a Smart LED so that you can easily see the machine off or on, service functions.
  • Dual purification – Water passes through UV+UF double membrane, causing double purification


  • LED indicators
  • Biotron Free lid
  • Mineral TM
  • Power


  • Tank storage 

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