Benefits of Growing Fresh and Healthy Microgreens at Home

Benefits of Growing Fresh and Healthy Microgreens at Home

Microgreens, also known as micro herbs or vegetable confetti, are small baby plants that are a great source of nutrients. They are available in a variety of colors and textures and add a flavor to both, sweet and savory dishes. Microgreens are usually compared to sprouts however, microgreens use sunlight and soil to grow and they can be grown anywhere. Also, bacteria growth is more frequent in sprouts than microgreens because microgreens grow in the open air and soil. Even though they are tiny in size, they are filled with nutritional benefits and that is why they are commonly used in cooking. Besides the nutritional advantage, they are also a great way to add flavor to your dishes.

You can grow microgreens at home very easily. All you need is good quality microgreen seeds, which you can quickly find at our website, UrjaSeeds, proper sunlight, and a good growing medium. Once you have all these ingredients in place, follow these steps to grow microgreens at home:

1. Fill the pot with a good amount of soil and slightly water it.

2. Plant your seeds over the soil.

3. Cover your pot with a plastic lid.

4. Daily check your container and provide water as required.

5. Once seeds germinate, remove the lid.

6. Microgreens would be ready to harvest after 7-10 days.

This way you can conveniently grow microgreens seeds at home. They don’t require too much attention and care, and most importantly are extremely healthy for our body. They can easily be involved in your diet. Furthermore, they are also a cost-effective way to gain nutrition and reduce the risk of diseases. Cutting a long story short, they are worth adding to your diet.

Different types of microgreens

Different seeds can be used to grow microgreens. Some popular seeds are:

1. Amaryllidaceae family: leek, garlic

2. Cucurbitaceae family: cucumber, melon, and squash

3. Brassicaceae family: Cauliflower, cabbage, watercress, arugula, and radish

4. Apiaceae family: Dill, fennel, celery, and carrot

At Urja Seeds you can find all types of microgreens seeds online. They vary in size, texture, and taste they provide. Microgreens can be used in both sweet and savory dishes while cooking; however, usually, their taste is strong.

Health benefits of microgreens

Microgreens are highly nutritional. Most of the types of microgreens are rich in zinc, potassium, copper, magnesium, and iron. They are great sources of antioxidants and different varieties of polyphenols. Compared to mature greens, microgreens’ nutritional value is nine times more than them. It also contains a huge range of vitamins and minerals. All these healthy advantages make it perfect to be added to your diet.

It has also been found that microgreens lower the risk of certain diseases, for example,

1. Heart disease: High amount of polyphenols antioxidants reduce the risk of heart disease. Also, lower the value of triglyceride and harmful LDL cholesterol levels.

2. Diabetes: Antioxidants present in microgreens are able to lower the level of stress that is responsible for preventing sugar from entering certain cells.

3. Alzheimer’s disease: Just like heart disease, more portions of polyphenols are also responsible for lowering the chances of Alzheimer’s disease.

Certain other benefits of microgreens include management and balance of weight and boosting mental and physical health. A higher concentration of nutritional value makes it more beneficial compared to other mature greens. Also, the fact that it is easy to grow, a cost-effective way of gaining nutrition, and a sustainable vegetable to grow to make it more popular these days. Similarly, microgreens add the much-needed flavor to elevate your dishes. Using them in your cold and warm dishes is a good way to include them in your diet.

Read on other ways to include microgreens in your diet:

1. Use them in your salads.

2. Blend microgreens in your smoothies or juices.

3. Use them as garnishes on dishes such as pizza, soups, curries, and omelets.

4. Involve them as an ingredient in sandwiches and wraps.

5. Simply eat them raw

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Eating microgreens is considered safe. While there is a risk for food poisoning, it’s quite negligible because the possibility of bacteria growth is very less in comparison to sprouts. So if you are planning to grow microgreens at your home, it is necessary to buy their seeds from a trusted and authentic place. At Urja Seeds, we provide high-quality microgreen seeds online. We are one of the most trusted organic online stores for buying varied types of seeds. With a wide range of premium quality seeds, Urja Seeds is your go-to place not only to get microgreens to grow at home but also any other flower seeds, vegetable seeds, or exotic seeds.

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