A Solution to Your Networking Problems of TP-link Repeater

A Solution to Your Networking Problems of TP-link Repeater

You work in a corporate office or from home and face network problems even though you are paying for the Wi-Fi which is expensive but you feel like you aren’t getting your money’s worth in terms of speed and range, well you are not alone in this. I too have faced such issues in the past and frankly, it’s just so annoying. I have had to wait for long periods of time for a certain content to be downloaded or change my working position to be near the router, I even tried rebooting the router many times but all I was getting were dead zones even though my home is small, I figured I had enough of this problem and went online to search for an affordable repeater to repeat my router’s Wi-Fi signal and extend the range and speed to cover all of my houses and et voila I found a really great repeater from tp link. It has the perfect blend of cost and affordability. It is what I have been using and haven’t had any problems with speed, latency, or range. It is actually one of the best repeaters in my opinion as it does most of what the expensive repeaters do but for an affordable price.

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Setting up the extender

To complete a tplink repeater setup carefully unbox the repeater and plug it into an electrical socket and turn it on. Once the repeater has been turned on you can set it up, now the setup is really a piece of cake so don’t worry if you don’t possess a lot of technical knowledge cause anyone can easily set it up. Once the repeater has been turned on you can set it up using one of two ways either by using an ethernet cable or by Wirelessly connecting it with your smartphone. To set it up using an ethernet cable connect the ethernet cable to the repeater and then insert the other end in your personal computer and head over to the default gateway by typing in the default i.p address or www.tplinkrepeater.net and enter your login credentials. Once you have logged in to the page you can change the SSID and password of your repeater and set it as a different access point or you can connect to your router 

Tp link repeater wireless Setup

However, if you want to setup the repeater wireless then head over to http://tplinkrepeater.net setup to set up your repeater. To do that type in the hyperlink into a web browser and click the login page and then type in the http://tplinkrepeater.net login credentials to login. Before you do that make sure that you have been connected to your repeater. Once you have logged in to the page select the scan setting to scan your surroundings for your router. Once you can see the router in the available devices window select it to establish a connection. Once the connection has been established you will see that the internet symbol will have turned blue from orange. This concludes the setup for the repeater.

You can also use WiFi UltraBoost, a device used to boost your existing Wi-Fi signal and give you a reliable signal from your router. Check out here more about “WiFi UltraBoost Review“!

Repeater tips and troubleshooting

If you want to start a new tplinkrepeater.net setup because you want to add more repeaters to your network, then type in the above-mentioned hyperlink on to a web browser and make sure to follow all of the instructions given above. If you face issues with the setup or encounter difficulties during the installation process then make sure to identify the problem. To do that make sure that you have a stable internet speed by doing a quick speed test on your router and if you find that the ping and speeds are stable then try and reboot the router. If you still encounter problems with your set up then reboot your repeater. This usually solves the problem. While installing if you feel that you modified a few settings that you shouldn’t have and feel that you need to start anew then you can factory reset your device. To do that press and hold the reset button at the back of the repeater for five seconds until all the LEDs start flashing rapidly then wait for a minute for the device to reset. Once this is done you can follow the instructions mentioned above to continue your setup.

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