7 Reasons Why you Should Have a Home Gym

7 Reasons Why you Should Have a Home Gym

This pandemic has made us realize how important it is to maintain a regular workout for the sake of our physical and mental well-being.

42 %! That’s right, 42% of American’s justification to avoid workout is the lack of time.

A complete workout requires a gym. Although there are advantages of joining a commercial gym, if you ask me I would say the pros of working out in a commercial gym aren’t worth the cons of it.

So what’s the alternative? A home gym. Trust me the benefits of a home gym are unrivaled, and if you are someone who prefers to capitalize every second of their day then they should definitely go for it.

Some folks prefer to start small so for them an elliptical would be a sound initial investment. Be sure to follow online reviews before buying an elliptical for home.

Having said that if you are aiming to start a full-fledged home gym but have some reservation, then let me give you 7 fantastic reasons as to why you should have a home gym like yesterday.


1. Cleanliness

Many of us are quite conscious when it comes to cleanliness, as we should. The thing about the public gym is that it caters to hundreds and thousands of fitness enthusiasts.

Needless to say every equipment in the gym has been in contact with more than one person. I am sure a shiver just ran down the spine of true germaphobes.

Now imagine gym equipment which is used only by you. Just the thought of it puts my mind at ease, I am sure you can reciprocate this feeling as well.

2. Privacy

Feeling self-conscious is a real issue. So when you spend time around gym hunks you are inclined to feel demotivated. Honestly, you shouldn’t but still.

So instead of feeling nervous and all in a room full of people, you can work out at home with the much-needed privacy.

At your home, there’s no staring and no judging. Just you and your workout regimen.

Workout in private boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

3. Save money and time

If you want to burn a hole in your pocket then a gym membership is the way to do that. It is unimaginable to think about the amount of money someone ends up splashing on membership over a period of time.

Money and time are both of the essences. In this busy life of ours, it is crucial to have effective money as well as time management.

Here all I would like to do is quote John Davies a renowned coach “It doesn’t make sense to drive 40 minutes to the gym to work out for 20 minutes only to drive another 40 minutes back home!”

4. Work with the schedule

Life will always find a way to mess with our crafted schedule. It could literally be anything but it has the potential to derail your other plans.
However, having a home gym would mean you can work out on the go without compromising other arrangements.

5. No rules

Can’t really deny the benefits of signing up to a public gym, but a commercial gym comes with baggage, and that baggage usually includes rules and regulations.

Rules are good but sometimes they limit your workout skills. Restrictions on what you can or cannot wear or the ways to use any particular equipment, etc.

However, in the home gym, you are the rule maker and the rule breaker.

6. Intense training

Once your training finds a direction you will start to witness results. At that point, you will become familiar with the intensity needed in your workout.

The hindrance is that when you are in a public gym there’s a queue and waiting for your turn puts a damper on your session.

Sometimes the unnecessary small talk from other gym members creates a unique nature of annoyance.

Needless to say, these nuisances can be avoided completely if you get trained in a full-fledged home gym.

7. Focus

Focus is the key, especially during a workout. Lack of focus not only affects your performance but in some cases might prove to be dangerous.

Given the number of distractions in the gym whether it’s the people, television or music it’s hard to stay focused on your goal.

While on the other hand, a home gym would eliminate all the possibilities of distractions. Given the fact that it will only be you and your equipment.

gym at home


Well, what do you say? Isn’t a home gym a fantastic idea? A workout without any worries is a blissful experience.

So now you have 7 fascinating reasons to set-up your home gym. Just remember one thing, you have to train in such a way that ends with desirable results.

In simple terms, train but with purpose.

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