7 Best Treks in Uttarakhand

7 Best Treks in Uttarakhand


Chivalrous mountains, plains coated with meadows, wild and thick timbers, holy gutters and alpine lakes, and numerous other scenic lookouts, this is what it’s like when you go touring in Uttarakhand. A mountainous state in North India, Uttarakhand is a naturally bounteous land that attracts excursionists and trotters for its serenity and laid- back charm. Adventure campaigners looking for some excitement as an escape from the mundane of life can and must plan a trip to go on the stylish journeys in Uttarakhand. Does n’t matter if you’re an amatuer or a seasoned mountaineer, you’ll just find the trail that will give you the chills and thrills. 

Starting from short trudges of 5 to 10 kilometers of relaxed terrains, to the more unfaithful and emphatic excursions that go on for days, covering vast distances, there are plenitude of touring places in Uttarakhand worth exploring. 

Kedarkantha Trek Highlights 

Kedarkantha is a journey flushing with beauty, paying shutterbugs a perfect occasion to capture the snow falling from the pine trees that looks like magic dust. 

The ‘I rule the world’ pose at the top of Kedarkantha Summit will make an awful profile snap and with stunning views in the background, it’ll make your musketeers jealous too! 

Experience the lovely campgrounds, where every point is unique in its own way and doesn’t match the beauty with any other campgrounds in the trip. Get a chance to chamber around firmed Juda ka Talab where was formerly a place for contemplation of Lord Shiva 

Experience walking in the middle of the night in, the head firebugs lighting the way and watching the daylight from the top of a mountain before you reach Summit. 

Brahmatal Trek Highlights 

One of a many downtimes journey, with 2 Glacier Lake just at an altitude of 3180 measures, with entire trail in snow in peak downtime. The trail offers the peep into the Skeleton Lake, The Roopkund from Brahmatal Ridge. 

Nag Tibba Trek Highlights 

Naga Tibba, the loftiest peak of Uttarakhand offers you to enjoy the most audacious trekking experience. With the company of an expert companion, you will learn intriguing data about the Naga Tibba and near townlets. 

Nag Tibba offers a majestic view of stunning Bandarpoonch Peak, Gangotri Peaks, and Kedarnath Peak to arrest the attention of the callers. Relish hot pipeline refections prepared by the original experts while enjoying the stunning views of lush green mountains. One of the lodestones of Nag Tibba Trek is that the Transport will halt at beautiful Kempty Fall for breakfast. 

Kuari Pass Trek Highlights 

Enjoy views of the impressive Dronagiri, Chitrakantha, Chaukhamba, and Tali tops at a height of 516 feet.

Obtain stunning images of Nanda Devi, the second-highest peak in India. Simply treat your eyes to the breathtaking sights of the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers in all their grandeur by walking along the trail.

The Kuari Pass trek travels through the dense alpine forests of oak, fir, rhododendron, and birch, which are overflowing with a variety of wildlife, such as leopard pugmarks or a Himalayan black bear and black bear and catcalls life. 

Dodital Hanumanchatti Trek 

Image Credit Jayesh Kulkarni- Flickr. Those not wanting to terminate their trip at the Dodital could conclude for the Dodital Hanuman Chatti journey rather, which crosses the Himalayan Lake and heads onwards towards Hanuman Chatti. A brilliant summer flight, this route has been traditionally used by Gujjar herders who get their buffaloes to the advanced meadows each summer via the trail. 

The touring route is home to unequaled views of the Bandarpunch range, coupled with the show stopping Dodital, which nestled between green timber of oak and pine. Eventually, the route stops at the Darwa Pass, suspended at,000 measures and well regarded for its magical views of the girding peaks. The journey takes about 10 days to complete. It’s supposed to be a fairly moderate one and can be tried by first time pedestrians as well as seasoned experts. 

Kafni Glacier Trek 

Kafni glacier is located southwards of Nanda Kot hill and on the Eastern side of the Pindar flume. This tranquil and affable place has a unique charm which makes it a hotspot for excursionists. It’s rich in foliage and fauna. 

Some of the notorious Himalayan peaks near to Kafni glacier include Nandakot, 6860 measures and Nandabhanar, 6236 measures. The journey to Kafni glacier is at a distance of 12 kilometers from Diwali through Byali udayar, which is 8 kilometers from Diwali. The flume is broader as compared to the Pindar and is blessed with spectacular natural beauty.

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