5 Helpful Tips For Writing Medical School Personal Statement

5 Helpful Tips For Writing Medical School Personal Statement

Good medical school personal statements create a strong, positive impression on the admission committee. And this is something that every applicant must know. Hence it would be complete wrong to underestimate the power of a personal statement for medical school. Combined with your interview performance, a medical school personal statement accounts more than 60% of your total admission score. Keeping these statistics in mind, here are a few helpful tips to write the best personal statement.

Write, re-write and repeat

Practice can make you perfect. Soak that in. Give yourself at least six months of writing practice and revision to get your personal statement in shape. By practicing this for six months non stop, you tend to improve every time. As you write your first draft, there might be some changes that you would make in second and third drafts. This way the end result will be the best. Looking for medical school personal statement help professionally is also a good idea to get your essay submission ready.

Stay focused

Next tip for writing a med school personal statement is staying focused. A personal statement is written to highlight all the interesting aspects of your journey. It should not include anything but everything that’s important. In order to do it, you should first choose a theme. Once you have a theme in your hand, all you need to do is stick to it and support it with examples for better presentation. Only if you are focused throughout the writing process, can you make it happen.

Back off the cliches

Do not write what everyone is writing. Remember your personal statement is what will make you stand out. And this is why you need to write about something that is more personal and specific. Most of the applicants may write about science because that is what most of the med school applicants are passionate about. In order to create a mark, you better write about something else, something that is even more interesting to read. In case you are confused about the topic, do take medical school personal statement help from a professional consultant.

Find your unique angle

As mentioned above, do not write on a common and predictable topic. Write on a unique and exclusive topic to give your med school statement a memorable flavor. Everyone has success and failure stories but how one dealt with it is what makes the story unique. So whenever you write your trial, success or failure story, bring your own voice and perspective in the statement.

Consult experts

Medical schools are more inclined towards bright, communicative and empathetic applicants. Only if you are capable of all the above, can you get yourself enrolled in a med school. In case you are not, medical school personal statement editing services always help.

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