Why STB GT-X Pro Ranks First in the List of Reputed Products

Why STB GT-X Pro Ranks First in the List of Reputed Products

Set-top boxes are the new trend in the TV industry. It makes its place in the commercial market because it makes its place in the hearts of people. With the help of IPTV box features, people got rid of the irritating and frustrating fixed schedule of cable operators. We are saying this because cable users are bound to watch their favorite content at a fixed time. In addition, there is no option for watching the skipped content. The quality of channels was also too low. The program is telecasted after a long staring at the screen with a lot of freezing and buffering. The dialogues of the program were not understandable because there was no proper arrangement of the sound system. It means total wastage of time and entertainment.

But the TV boxes relax the people and tell them the real meaning of entertainment. It provides them with that type of enjoyment they always desired for. People can now watch content with high streaming quality i.e. HD or UHD. In case of a busy schedule, they can save it easily. There is no time limit for saving the content in it because it has an efficient internal storage feature. You can access thousands of different programs in just a few seconds. There are a lot of built-in games as well as applications in the best IPTV Boxes in Germany for people of all ages. You can download more from the Google Play Store if required. It makes you the boss of your entertainment. Your choice, your demand and your will.

A TV box provides its user with a lot of benefits but do not forget that boxes are not designed for all the above-mentioned benefits. It means they have different features. Some boxes have limited features i.e. limited entertainment. Some boxes contain all the essential features but not everyone can afford them. Because they are available at very high rates. In this confusing situation, we will recommend you to choose a product from digitaltribe.ae They have a variety of TV Boxes with different features. All their product features will facilitate you to a great extent. Because their product specification is up to date.

In this article, we are going to compare one of the digitaltribe.ae products with three reputed products of different brands. It includes 

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  • Compare Features

  1. RAM Efficiency
  2. Internal Storage
  3. Android Operating System
  4. Accessory (Cable)
  • RAM Efficiency

digitaltribe.ae is the best option in every aspect. Let’s discuss the RAM feature, a very essential feature not only in TV boxes but in all electronic devices. GT-X Pro is uniquely designed with 4GB RAM. It means highly efficient RAM. With its amazing RAM capacity, you don’t have to look at the TV screen to wait for the content to be played. Moreover, you are completely free to perform multiple tasks at the same time. Like you can download any application or game on the back end of Smart TV Boxes by watching your favorite content. The system efficiency will remain the same throughout the completion of the whole given task. It stored the information frequently used by the customer so that they (users) save their precious time.

While the other product i.e. Fire TV Stick 4k Max, Dream TV Mini Ultra, and Xsarius-Aimax have a good RAM efficiency but it does not match with the perfection of level GT-X Pro. All of the TV boxes have 2GB RAM which allows you to process information but not with the same fast speed as the digitaltribe.ae product.

  • Internal Storage

For this feature, let’s talk about the well-known brand product i.e. FIRE TV STICK 4K MAX. All of us know this product but have you ever examined its features? I think no. Because many people invest their money in it only for the sake of its goodwill. They do pay heed to the main feature of the product. Later on, this negligence results in the anger and disappointment of a particular customer. The Fire TV set-top box has the best prices i.e. high rates with average features. It has an internal storage of only 8GB, which is extremely less in this modern age when companies are busy introducing more storage in their products. Because storage is the main reason for switching from cable to TV box. 

While the other product Dream TV Mini Ultra and Xsarius- Aimax comes with internal storage of 16GB that is also considered as an average capacity. You will not get the same relaxation of saving content in all of them, as you will feel. Because the company introduced its mind-blowing internal storage of 64GB. It means thousands of saved lists without any system problems. 

  • Android OS

If you are fond of playing games or trying up new applications without any delay, then go. Because it has an Android operating system of 9.0. It means to advance and update. You don’t have to wait for the second part of your favorite content as it will notify you immediately after the content is released. It’s only because Google Play Store supports this kind of operating system very efficiently. Moreover, you can make your search experience more joyful by selecting different keyboards. Because this updated system will serve you with different beautiful keyboards. 

On the other hand, are still introducing the old Android systems like Android 9.0 and 8.0 Oreo. Moreover, the operating system of the Xsarius product has received much negative feedback from the customers due to various system issues but still, the company does not bother with it.

  • Accessory (Cable)

Accessories contain the same importance just as the TV box contains. It is not possible to get the maximum benefits of TV boxes without them. digitaltribe.ae will save you money in every aspect. You can get the features like internal storage, RAM efficiency, Android OS, Available ports, 4k UHD streaming quality, and last but not the least amazing accessories. 

As we are talking about accessories, let me tell you that you are not going to get the basic and cheap quality accessories as they manufactured their devices very carefully. You can get a Power Adapter, HDMI Cable, Manual user for better and easy customer understanding, a fantastic remote control unit with wonderful features, and last but not least an Cable. 

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Their cable will facilitate you with dynamic sound and convert your whole mood in just one click. You can enjoy every little dialogue of your favorite content just by attaching the cable to the external sound system. But we feel sad by telling you that this cable is not available in all other products (Fire TV Stick 4k Max, Dream TV Mini Ultra, and Xsarius-Aimax) even not in the formuler products. You have to buy it separately with these boxes.

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