Why Bficoin is becoming the Fastest & most Efficient Decentralized Platform.

Why Bficoin is becoming the Fastest & most Efficient Decentralized Platform.

Starting in 2019, Innovation Factory took its first move by introducing its first project, the “BFIC Token,” however they quickly learned that the previous blockchain they were working on had numerous flaws and deficiencies.

As a result, they began working on their own blockchain project. Following the successful construction and testing of their 3rd generation blockchain, the company began developing their own blockchain-based projects.

Innovation Factory established its first project, “Bficoin”, after developing its own blockchain. It is a type of digital exchange crypto that is used to perform financial transactions across peer-to-peer encrypted networks.

It has an impact on the usage of blockchain technology for decentralized and transparent transactions between two peers. Bficoin is a digital currency that can be used on a variety of platforms all around the world that allows transactions through cryptocurrency.

Bficoin, without any doubt, is gaining the attention of the whales of the market and is becoming the most decentralized Network. Here are some of the reasons why:

Gigantic utility-based eco-system

Each digital currency must have enough utility projects to generate demand and use in order to maintain a healthy digital financial market.BFIC is extremely important because it can be used to buy products and services on its own as well as on a variety of other platforms.

The BFIC ecosystem is massive, with a pile of utility-based megaprojects. Each product from the Bfic Ecosystem will be launched once a month, according to the development team of Innovation Factory.

More ways to earn

Bficoin is providing many ways to earn to its traders. People can earn money in a variety of ways by using BFIC Network, a Bficoin utility such as:

●     Stake-mining

This Network allows you to mine and earns BFICoins in real-time. Because it allows users to mine Bficoin by staking, it is the world’s first blockchain-based stake mining platform for any smartphone user. You’ll be paid with 0.5 percent of the coins you staked. if you open the app and tap the start mining button every 24 hours.

●     Referral Bonus & Team Rewards

The BFIC network generates a variety of rewards based on variables including team strength mining, capital deposits, and direct rewards. Invite your friends to join the BFIC stakers and receive incentives and team awards divided around the 12 level team structure. The calculation bears that each team member has one BFIC and that each deposit will be logged for 90 days.

Bficoin is the only coin that allows its users to profit in a lot of ways. This money-making feature is getting BFIC a lot of attention from the public. The rising demand for the coin is a major factor in its price increase.

New Era

Many popular coins, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have grown into highly volatile investments. Assets rather than new forms of money, resulting in large winners and losers. For believers, they remain a digital stepping stone toward an idealized future.

When it comes to BFIC, it possesses all of the essential functions that cover its entire ecology. Unlike Bitcoin, BFIC features a massive mining pool from which people profit handsomely.

As a result, one states that BFIC has the power to not only defy the leading coin but to outperform them. He is stating the truth. BFIC will soon become the strongest Cryptocurrency, with rapid and simple trading.

Bficoin is based on 3rd generation blockchain technology, which combines all of the benefits of popular coins such as Bitcoin, TRON, and Ethereum. Thanks to better and more advanced blockchain technology. BFIC has every reason to become the next leader in the Crypto sector.

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