Which STIHL chainsaw to choose?

Which STIHL chainsaw to choose?

To know which STIHL chainsaw you should choose, you first need to know what you are going to use it for. Will you be chopping wood in your garage, pruning shrubs in your garden, felling trees in a forest, cutting particularly hard materials? Will you use your chainsaw for a few hours or all day? All STIHL chainsaws are of high quality, but each type of chainsaw has its own advantages. Both electric and battery-powered chainsaws are quiet and low-emission, but an electric chainsaw needs to be plugged into a power outlet, while a battery-powered chainsaw has a moderate runtime. Thermal chainsaws are more powerful, but also noisier and more polluting than their counterparts. That said, STIHL innovates in technology to minimize the disadvantages of each type of chainsaw and to make its use as comfortable as possible.

STIHL electric chainsaws

Light, handy and quiet, STIHL electric chainsaws can be used within reach of an electrical connection. They are ideal for maintaining grounds, pruning fruit trees or cutting firewood. Equipped with a modern and silent 36 V battery, an ergonomic soft-grip handle for a safe and stable grip, an anti-vibration system to avoid arm pain and a synthetic material claw to precise work, STIHL electric chainsaws offer a power consumption ranging from 1400 W for the STIHL MS141-CQ up to 2500 W for the STIHL MS250. Both amateurs and professionals will therefore find a STIHL electric chainsaw that will meet their needs.

STIHL battery-powered chainsaws

STIHL battery-powered chainsaws are characterized by cutting power, long-range, optimum energy efficiency and good ergonomics. Whether you’re cutting firewood to fuel your fireplace or working in tree trimming, there are STIHL battery-powered chainsaw models suitable for a particular use and more powerful models for trained professionals.

STIHL petrol chainsaws

With their powerful and economical 2-stroke stratified scavenging internal combustion engine, their quick and easy starting with carburetor preheating system, their quick-release cap on the tank, their control lever with automatic stop function as well as their comfort of use in all seasons thanks to the electrically heated handle, STIHL petrol chainsaws are optimized to meet all requirements. You will find a wide range of STIHL petrol chainsaws for professionals and individuals alike. In addition, STIHL petrol chainsaws are equipped with durable and environmentally friendly technical solutions, such as STIHL Injection electronic fuel injection, the oil pump with adjustable flow or a long-life filtration system, which guarantee reduced consumption. And low emissions compared to other brands of thermal chainsaws,

A STIHL chainsaw for every purpose

Which chainsaw to maintain green spaces

To maintain a particular house or garden, a 26 to 39 m3 chainsaw such as the STIHL MS170 chainsaw , a small entry-level petrol chainsaw, will do just fine. For larger areas such as parks or estates, chainsaws from 40 to 55 cc are preferable, while chainsaws from 55 to 120 cc are perfect for forestry work.


Which STIHL chainsaw for pruning trees

Compact and lightweight, STIHL pruning chainsaws are specially designed for working in trees. They are equipped with various equipment intended to improve cutting comfort. Among these equipment, we can cite caps that can be easily opened by hand which make it easier to fill the oil and fuel tanks or a folding hook which makes it possible to attach the chainsaw to a carrying cable and to make it go up and down from trees safely. Thermal models benefit from the efficiency of the STIHL stratified scavenging two-stroke thermal engine, high power, optimized consumption and low exhaust gas emissions, while battery-powered models are quiet and ideal for work in noise-sensitive areas.

Which STIHL chainsaw for carving wood

If you carve wood, STIHL offers lightweight chainsaws specifically designed to engrave patterns and create carvings in logs. These lightweight chainsaws, with very narrow profile guide bars and stellite noses, offer extreme precision with almost no kickback effect. Depending on whether you practice your art as an amateur or a professional, in the workshop or outdoors, you will find models of STIHL chainsaws for carving wood in thermal, electric and battery-powered versions.

Which STIHL chainsaw for forestry work

A chainsaw is a key tool in the lumberjack’s equipment. STIHL offers a wide range of petrol chainsaws of different powers specially designed for felling trees or cutting branches. Indeed, with weight and consumption designed for long-lasting and safe use, STIHL chainsaws for forestry workfare enhanced with features designed to make the work of loggers easier. We will also remember the STIHL-Tronic starting system for quick ignition, optimal power and good behavior during acceleration and deceleration, electric heating of the handle to avoid having hands sore from the cold and keeping a good grip even in winter or the Duro chain which stays sharper up to ten times longer than another chainsaw chain while emitting a low level of vibrations.

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