What to do if your spray gun clogs?

What to do if your spray gun clogs?



Imagine you wake up with the thought of spraying your room with a paint sprayer.


So, you open your toolbox, pick your flex sprayer and paint to do what is on your mind. In all this process you are super excited and forget to see if the sprayer is working or not.


Well, moving on you hold the Alltitanparts sprayer in hand and start spraying. But, later you see something is wrong, and you are not able to continue. In this case, the most possible thing is blockage or clogging in your unused paint sprayer.


A paint sprayer is no doubt a blessing, but they are no more a blessing if they stop working in the middle. Clogging becomes a headache, and it gets tough to handle all the problems like clogging.


Well, the world does not end here because there are ways to unclog your sprayer guns. In this article, we will discuss a simple and easy way to deal with clogs.


But before we go into details it is important to know why the sprayer guns are clogged?


Well, spray guns mix the liquid and air pressure to perform spraying. Therefore there is always a high chance that the mixture of air and liquid will atomize at some point.


When they atomize at the spray tip or the nozzle they block the passage of the spraying gun. The blockage is commonly known as clogging, and it is always a challenge to prevent your spray gun from it.


How to unclog your spray guns?


In case you are using a paint sprayer, and it gets clogged in the middle of the process, here are some easy steps to unclog it on the spot.


  1. Disassemble the unit


When you say disassemble the unit, it means you have to take out all the parts of the spraying

gun one by one. It will help you find out the target location or your clogged site.


Without disassembling, you would not be able to identify the clog, and your spray gun will be of no use. So, do it in a way that when you have to put them back together there is nothing broken or missing.


You can disassemble a paint sprayer by removing its tip, air cap, and spraying gun. Do it gently and like a professional so when you have to put back everything together there is nothing apart from the spraying unit.


  1. Clean the nozzle


When your spraying gun gets clogged, it means something is present in its nozzle. So, first, see what it is and then remove it. The best way to clean a nozzle is to put it in water and leave it in for a few minutes.


When the nozzle is merged in water, all the clogged particles leave their place. Water makes the debris wet and brings it in the solvent. In this way, the nozzle gets free of clogged material, and you are also done with your second step of removing the clog.


  1. Check the spraying tip and gun


In the third step, you have to see what is stuck in your spraying gun and tip. They are also a commonplace of clogging, so leaving them behind is not cool.


Remove the spraying tip and see what is stuck in it. You can use a sharp object to remove the debris or can soak it in water to let the process happen on its own.


After that, it is time to clean your gun. The spraying gun is an essential part of a paint sprayer, and if it is clean, it means your paint sprayer is doing well.


It often gets clogged with dust particles, paint, and other materials. To remove the debris and flush the extra paint, to give it a clear passage for spraying.


  1. Assemble the unit


When you complete all the cleaning, it is time to put all the parts together. Fix the spraying gun, its tip, and nozzle in its place. When you are sure that all the parts are fixed, double-check your paint sprayer.


  1. Double-check


When you deal with clogging, you have to recheck it again and again, even after cleaning it in detail. For this purpose, fix the unit and test it by squeezing air and pressing the trigger again and again.


It will help you know if your paint sprayer is properly unclogged or not.



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