What Food is Good and Bad for Your Teeth: All You Need to Know?


What you eat defines who you are, and in the case of your oral health, it is true. When you eat something, anything, you have to remember the simple fact that you are not just feeding yourself. Our mouth is home to millions of bacteria that feed on the leftovers in stuck in our teeth after a meal and can even cause tooth decay if we are not careful.

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While this may not be true for all kinds of food that you eat, it is going to be beneficial for you to stay careful with your consumption of starchy and sugary foods. So what foods are your friends and which ones can make the bacteria attack your teeth? This article from the experts at the best dental hospital in India discusses in detail about the foods that are good and bad for your overall oral health.

What is Good Food for Mouth?

Any food that helps you in either salivating more and helps you remove residual food particles from your mouth, especially from your gums is good. For the best results, maintain consuming these food items: 

  • Fiber-rich Fruits and Vegetables

Food with fiber is not only good for the stomach but also is a great way to clean your teeth and gums while you eat it. Combined with the action of stimulating saliva production in the mouth, fiber-rich food is your best bet (after a good oral care routine) at keeping your teeth healthy at home.

  • Dairy Products

Dairy products are rich in calcium, which makes them great for restoring the minerals lost from the tooth, while cheese itself stimulates saliva production.

  •  Tea

Green and black, both the teas are great for your mouth as they contain polyphenols that help in either killing or holding back the bacteria that can harm your teeth. These bacteria are the ones that release acids that can harm your teeth.

  • Sugar free Chewing Gum

A great way to clean your teeth and not expose them to an excessive amount of sugar, chewing a gum is great for your facial muscles as well.

  • Food rich in Fluoride

Fluoride is good for your teeth, which is why fluoridated water or anything made in fluoridated water is a great choice to make your in food habits.

What Is Bad For Your Oral Health?

Anything that can stick to the surface of your teeth and/or can dry out your mouth. Then there are some food and drinks that can wreck your teeth if you are not careful. Here is what you should avoid or keep to very limited amounts:

  • Sticky candy and sweets

Sticky sweets and candies are a great no-no for the health of your teeth. It is okay to consume sweets but only the ones that help you clean your teeth, instead of sticking to them and becoming food for the harmful bacteria. 

  •  Starchy food

Starchy food like potato chips and bread can get stuck in the gap between your teeth. The starch in them is then broken down into sugar and consumed by the bacteria, which can be very harmful.

  •  Carbonated drinks

Not only are carbonated drinks have excessive amounts of sugar, but they also possess more than usual amounts of phosphoric and citric acids. These can wear away the tooth enamel which is the outer layer of the teeth.

  •  Dehydrating stuff

Alcohol and OTC medicines are known to cause dehydration in the mouth, which can prove to be really harmful to your teeth. While you can abstain from drinking, if medicines are the cause for a dry mouth, then you can get a fluoride wash or a fluoride toothpaste for your mouth.

Even when you follow a strict oral hygiene regimen, your eating habits still play a vital role in the overall health of your teeth. Make sure that you only put the good stuff into your system and avoid as much of the bad stuff as you can.

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