What are Some Meditation Retreats in the World?

What are Some Meditation Retreats in the World?

Meditation Retreats are becoming popular these days because people such retreats allow people to focus more on their selves. The meditation retreats are held or organized in a peaceful, quiet, and calm place. Most of the time that place is closer to nature so helps in healing perfectly.

The duration of these retreats is from 1 day to a week or fortnight depending on the choice of the traveler. The major purpose of these retreats is to heal a person naturally with the help of meditations and by avoiding external distractions.

Meditation retreats engage a person in mindful activities, which mainly include yoga or mindful meditations. As the meditation retreats take place at a spot close to nature or any peaceful place. So, you can also book a meditation retreat room for your meditation. You can also boo ka herbal retreat room, which will be more beneficial. 

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If you are willing to get a herbal retreat room for a perfect meditation, then you can book from here https://cvet-gora.si/en/accommodation/herbal-retreat/. Other than that, some best meditation retreats in the world are as follows: 

1. Spirit Rock California

Spirit Rock California is a place famous for meditation retreats as many people come here around the world for different types of healing. Once a retreat was held at this place, and the duration of this retreat was about two months. 

The people attended this retreat for several purposes, some want to heal their mind, while some joined to heal the heart. Others joined for physical healing and some attended it to listen about how to deal with changes. Since then this place became famous for spiritual healing and meditations. 

2. Nordic Nature Sweden 

If you are looking for the most peaceful spots for your meditation retreat, then you should not miss Nordic Sweden. It is the best place for meditation retreats as these places are so peaceful. You can choose any spot here like a lakeside view or in between mountains. 

It helps you continue your mindful meditation without any external distractions. Also, allows you to focus on yourself in a better way. Lakeside yoga or any mind relaxing exercise will be helpful for you to cut off the negativity and negative thoughts. You should visit Nordic Sweden for a meditation retreat.   

3. Plum Village France

Plum village is another best place for meditation retreat as it promotes mindfulness meditation. You will learn about the art of living mindfulness and learn how to grow and eliminate negativity. It is the best place for peaceful and simple living. The mediation retreat at Plum Village helps you weave mindfulness into your daily life activities. Thus, you can become a strong person physically and mentally. 

4. Rolling Meadows

Rolling meadows is another best place for meditation as it is one of the silent and peaceful places. The meditation retreat deeply focuses on spiritual healing and mindfulness activities, especially yoga. It allows a person to focus more on things that matter and helps to heal the mind to eliminate negative thoughts. 

The relaxed and calm surrounding helps a person to focus completely on healing without any distraction. It is helpful for the complete healing of the mind and body. 

5. Shambhala Mountain Center

The Shambhala Mountain center another peaceful place for a meditation retreat. It allows a person to reduce stress in this high-paced lifestyle by focusing on mindful meditation. It is such a peaceful place that avoids all kinds of distraction and heal a person spiritually.

It allows a person to focus on the present instead of living in the past. The mindful meditation at the Shambhala Mountain center helps to heal mentally by making a person emotionally strong. 

6. Healing Center in Thailand

One of the other best places for meditation retreat is the healing center in Thailand. The healing center focuses on improving mental health and spiritual healing. It makes a person believe in his power of healing and thus promotes wellbeing.

Healing center Thailand is also famous for its peaceful and calm environment. Peace and calmness are the main factors for meditation. Without these factors, it is not possible to heal and train your mind. 


Meditation is one of the best ways to heal your mind and to retain good mental health. Because meditation allows a person to focus on his self and to make your mind emotionally strong. Similarly, a meditation retreat is a way to bring yourself to a normal level with the help of mindful activities. 

Meditation retreat helps you cope with a fast-paced lifestyle and bring your life to a slower-pace. Because in this high-paced lifestyle we forget to focus on things that matter the most and meditation retreats help a person in this respect. Thus, described above are some top and best meditation retreats in the world that can be helpful for you to improve your mental health naturally.  


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