What are Different Types of Separate Lapel Tacs and Pin Backings?

separate lapel tac

Custom pins are an outstanding marketing strategy to establish your company’s presence, grow a community, share caring with your groups, or make your unique statement. There’s a variety of custom pins available in the market, including offset epoxy pins, soft enamel pins, metallic custom pins, or printed pins. And so, you will surely get confused between so many options out there today!

Whether you want to create soft enamel pins or casual printed pins, we will outline a wide range of separate lapel tac to meet your every need. To make your custom pins appear unique and personalized with your preferred metal, you need to choose the right pin manufacturers immediately. They’re excellent in making or crafting pins, and also will offer whatever you may need at affordable rates. 

If you want to start with your retail venture, create niche products, or just want to satisfy your promotional needs, you can acquire plenty of options available in the market. To make all your confusion cleared, we will do about the details of separate lapel tac and pins backings.

Let’s check out some common options –

  • Rubber Clutch

These are standard choices with every custom pins, which are circular in-shape with small grabbable containers to make it easy to remove and attach. The rubber clutches are available in various color and size options, and also you can choose as per your promotional needs or corporate giveaways. Some clutches are also customized with rubber closures to ensure a more secure attachment.  

  • Deluxe Clutch

This is a premium quality clutch, which ensures metallic appeal and style. Delux Clutches are sturdy in-nature and are used mainly for official purposes. The small circular shape with a small pin is customized for long-term wear. You can get to see such custom pins used to attach official papers and professional’s workwear. 

  • Butterfly Clutch

This traditional pin support is popularly available in the market and also used in official purposes. This small and circular shape made of silver makes it easy to release and attach whenever required. These are very sturdy pins with a professional appeal, and so implies in official use mainly. 

  • 2-Piece Magnet

The two-piece magnet pin is one of the most popular kinds of backings because it ensures a no-puncture attachment. The magnetic use in a pin is secured with a second magnet of the other end of the fabric. This is indeed a new concept and rarely gets to see currently. If you want to order such non-puncture attachment pins, make sure your custom pins manufacturer understands its mechanism and is experienced in crafting such kinds of lapel pin backings. 

  • Safety Pins

Traditional safety pins are attached to the back of your corporate pins and appear a new item used while attaching customized pins in your workwear, jackets, or purses. This concept is nothing new, yet appealing and used in the most organization currently while crafting promotional items or corporate giveaways. 

  • Bar Magnet

This kind uses a secured attached magnet on the opposite side and attaches a second magnet of the other side of the fabric. Bar Magnet is similar to the two-piece magnet pin, and also an excellent non-puncture application of larger pins. 

  • Bent Legs

These customized pins support come with metallic pieces attached to the reverse of your custom pins, which enables simple removal and attachment. These customized pins are quite attractive, although risk while you are visiting various places simultaneously. 

In case you’ve plans wearing your custom-made pins on a shirt or coat, so it will come in contact with your skin, you are suggested selecting rubber pins, irrespective of its size and color options. These are more comfortable wearing and not much secured as will not cause chafing. If you want to wear custom pins on a very much expensive suit or clothing, you might wish to consider using magnet clutches to prevent spoils. 

That’s right! Choosing a pin attachment is a personal aesthetic matter, and so it is a good idea to consider where it needs to be worn or who’s going to wear your custom pins. Some pins are attachments are excellent in certain apparel, while others suits against rough wear. Placing your individual attachment choice will make a custom pin uniquely match with all your needs. 

Hopefully, all your confusions about pin attachment choice are resolved now!

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