Ways to Create a Luxurious Interior

Ways to Create a Luxurious Interior

Luxury interior, which at the same time will demonstrate the status and good taste of the owner of the apartment – a dream of many. However, it is not as easy to create as it seems at first glance. In this matter, the main thing is to find a fine line between style and pomposity, which inevitably causes associations with the royal mansions. 

Let’s have a look below about some facts:-

1. Understand what “luxury” means in the modern interpretation

Before you start creating a luxurious atmosphere in the house, it would be nice to understand the definition of the word “luxury” and understand what it means in the modern style. The philosophy of “expensive-rich” is no longer relevant and pretentious pieces of furniture, decor in the interiors of 2020 look funny and even ridiculous. The same goes for just a beautiful, expensive environment, as from the cover of a glossy magazine – it is no longer in fashion.

The pomp and deliberate luxury has been replaced by a deeper understanding of status Design. First of all,

We’re talking about: attention to the smallest details;

Using quality finishing materials, furniture, and decor;

2. Functionality and Sustainability 

The comfort of living Stylist city Individuality, sincerity, character. The interior should not only look beautiful but also be cozy, personalized. Perhaps with the addition of a touch of hooliganism and irony. Leonia, shiny decor, rooms filled with leather furniture, a huge number of art objects – it has long been sidelined.

3. Find inspiration in the work of top designers

If the list mentioned in the previous paragraph scared you a little, do not worry: in order to create a desirable environment in the apartment, you do not need to receive specialized education. You can go a simpler and more proven way: subscribe to the pages of famous designers on social networks, and watch their work. 

So you can train the visual experience – a visual experience that activates the creative process and helps to form good taste. In the meantime, you can borrow from professionals a number of color combinations, different techniques, and functional ideas.

Another option is to follow the interior fashion. Man is so arranged that everything new and relevant like much more than the old and the opportunity to follow new fashion trends is subconsciously associated with luxury and prosperity. We do not call every year to re-repair, but periodically update some details will be very useful. 

For example, you can refresh the decor, replace some pieces of furniture, and make one wall in the room accent, and so on. Thus, you will make changes to the interior that will make it more modern. Upgrade will not require special financial costs, and some things can be done with their own hands.

4. Shift the spotlight

It happens that the budget for interior design is not large enough. In this situation, it is impossible to buy, for example, a high-quality leather sofa as the central element of the living room. However, do not be upset and consider that the furnishings of the room will no longer look luxurious because of the lack of furniture, which you dreamed of. 

To begin with, you can just shift the center of attention: to draw an accent wall behind the sofa, to hang on the walls unusual lamps, to add to the interior decorative elements, such as pillows, paintings, carpet, etc. in this case, the look will be something to catch and the visual center of the room will be no longer a sofa.

5. Bet on natural materials

To find high-quality imitations is quite difficult, and obvious fakes greatly cheapen the interior: inexpensive countertop under marble, which has little in common with natural stone, wallpaper with a pattern under a brick, flooring, imitating wood – all these options are not contraindicated if you dream of a really stylish and status interior.

It is best to initially bet on natural materials – it is a win-win option if your goal – a cozy and fashionable environment. Wood, metal, leather, and eco-friendly textiles made of natural materials are invariably associated with wealth and never go out of fashion. In addition, these materials fit into any interior, but best look in Scandinavian and eco-style.

6. Think about lighting

For some reason, this particular item is often overlooked. Many believe that one chandelier in the center of the ceiling is enough, and if it will still be bulky and a la crystal, the situation will definitely turn out chic. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

Massive chandeliers are no longer in fashion and associated with the Soviet interior. It is much better to think through several light scenarios: to take care of the presence of not only ceiling lamps, but also the wall, table. Keep in mind that each area in the room should be covered separately. For example, the bedroom should be present not only the main lamp upstairs but also above the headboard of the bed, on the dressing table, etc. 

Please note: to overdo it in this matter is quite difficult: the more lighting, the more interesting and richer the interior looks. However, do not forget that all of them should be made in a single style.

7. Bet on the basic elements

The key to a luxurious environment with a relatively small budget is the competent distribution of available funds. A good option is to bet on classics, minimalism, and brevity of forms, as well as give preference to the basic elements of the interior. Follow the simple rule: the more important a particular item has, the more funds you need to allocate. 

For example, you’re planning a bedroom renovation. Obviously, the main focus in the room should be the bed. In this case, you can save, for example, on the purchase of carpet or finishing walls, but at the same time get a high-quality and comfortable bed. Another example: you make up a children’s room. 

The main goal is to finish the walls with mottled wallpaper and buy monochrome basic furniture. The mood of the whole room will be set by bright wallpaper, and on their background will play minimalist furniture. Therefore, it makes sense to spend on them.

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