Use of Inhaler for Asthma Patients- When to do it and How to do it

Use of Inhaler for Asthma Patients- When to do it and How to do it

For asthma patients, an asthma inhaler such as the Seroflo inhaler is the life option. It is the medical device that is used by the patients during an asthma attack. 

You should use an inhaler only after getting a recommendation from the doctor. Asthma inhaler will provide you a relief by clearing the constriction in your airways and relieving you of asthma symptoms. 

What is asthma disorder all about?

The asthma problem is a disorder of the sudden constriction of the airways and the blocking of the airways due to mucus in the bronchioles in the lungs. This results in the feeling of breathlessness, wheezing, coughing, and sneezing of the patient. 

People can develop asthma symptoms at any time during their life. It is cold also be genetic and be passed down the generations from the parents to their offspring. 

There are various types of asthma attacks that can be categorized as mild asthma, medium asthma attack, and severe asthma attack. 

An asthma attack is often triggered in the patient when he/she is exposed to the allergens. The allergens are inhaled from the nose or through the mouth and when it reaches the airways the internal body resistant mechanism overreacts resulting in the feeling of the asthma symptoms. 

Common types of asthma-

The most common types of asthma are occupational asthma and nocturnal asthma. 

In occupational asthma, allergens are present on the premises of the working atmosphere of the person. 

Nocturnal asthma is triggered when people develop asthma symptoms only at night. Apart from the regular asthma symptoms, people can also suffer from headaches, and lack of sleep.

Let your nocturnal asthma grow too much and the sleep disorder may develop into a severe disorder called insomnia. 

It is thus advised that people should use inhalers such as Levolin inhaler at all times whenever they are feeling the asthma symptoms beginning to appear. 

When do you get the symptoms of an asthma attack?

People are often at risk of suffering from asthma symptoms when they are exposed to an environment containing asthma triggering allergens. It is advised that you should use proper personal protective equipment such as face masks and or cover your nose and the mouth when you know that the environment around you might contain allergens. 

The various types of allergens are-

  • Animal dander
  • Dandruff
  • Smoke
  • Dust
  • Soot
  • Asbestos dust
  • Certain fabric fibers
  • Fumes of certain chemicals 

When should use an asthma inhaler?

You should use an asthma inhaler as directed by the doctor. It must be used when you are feeling the asthma symptoms setting in.

 Seroflo inhaler is used mostly by patients when they feel the asthma symptoms cropping up. it is always to be kept close to you. 

The amount of dose or the number of puffs you need to take is recommended by the doctor. You should take the same number of puffs and avoid an overdose. 

The number of puffs depends on the severity level of your asthma and the frequency of triggering asthma symptoms. 

People can have asthma symptoms multiple times during a day which can be categorized as severe level asthma. 

Sometimes it may be triggered once each day or in a few fays which are medium-level asthma. 

And if you suffer from asthma symptoms a few times in a month then you have mild asthma. 

Should you use your inhaler straight away after feeling the asthma attacks?

The doctor might recommend you to use your Levolin inhaler every day or only when you are suffering from asthma symptoms. 

How to use an asthma inhaler?

There is a correct way to use the asthma inhaler. It is recommended that you learn how to use your asthma inhaler once you have been recommended to use it. 

Always hold your asthma inhaler in a straight or erect position. While suffering from an asthma attack do not breathe from the mouth. 

Take the number of puffs from the mouth and try to breathe normally. Make sure that you try to keep calm as panic is going to further deteriorate the symptoms of the asthma attack. 

Make sure to check the asthma inhaler dose and each time before using your inhaler. 

How many puffs of asthma inhaler should you take?

The number of puffs that you should take should be consulted by the doctor. And of course how many times should you use your asthma inhaler daily? 

This is to be asked to the doctor as well. It all depends on how much you are exposed to the allergens that trigger an asthma attack. The doctor can recommend you to use the asthma inhaler once or twice during the day. 

Or else they might tell you to use then inhaler only when you are feeling the asthma symptoms. 

Do not take an overdose of the Seroflo inhaler as this might cause side effects. If you are not feeling well even after using your inhaler then rush to the nearest hospital. 

How can you keep asthma symptoms away?

To keep asthma symptoms at bay all you need to do is maintain some precautionary measures. It is better to use your asthma inhaler as recommended by the doctor. 

Apart from using your Levolin inhaler, you can also do some breathing exercises such as diaphragm breathing exercises, Buteyko breathing exercises. 

All these exercises focus on controlling your breathing which will be helpful during asthma attacks. You should do some of these exercises daily. 

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