Types of Physiotherapy Offered in Clinics of Edmonton


The benefits you get from treatments in physiotherapy clinics are endless. In Edmonton, you will see various types of physiotherapy. The most common ones that you should be aware of include,

Pediatric Physiotherapy

For a younger crowd, the physiotherapy treatments are often overlooked. But it can help in their growth and development, both mentally and physically. There is a separate branch of physiotherapy that is responsible for treating children, known as pediatric physiotherapy. It isn’t common to take children to an expert physio, but it comes bearing a

  • It helps in the improvement of motor skills
  • Beneficial for kids suffering from congenital disabilities or some genetic disorders
  • Supporting the recovery from head traumas or sports injuries
  • Developing strength and balance

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Another form of physiotherapy in Edmonton that has been benefiting for years is geriatric. It is a great way to treat metabolism issues that we face with age. It will help you to maintain the health for years to come. It targets the strengthening of muscles, so in later years, the chances of getting injuries reduces. Among strengthening the muscles, its other benefits comprise of:

  • Reinstating the endurance and mobility
  • Alleviating chronic pains
  • Improving the fitness level
  • Helping with bad posture
  • Assists with physical limitations

Neurological Physical therapy

As the name suggests, it helps to deal with conditions related to the nervous system. Physiotherapy will help you to deal with problems like strokes, head injuries. It is also effective for treating the diseases like sciatica. With the treatment, you will be able to regain the prior mobility. It also reduces the chance of getting diseases related to the neurological system.

The benefits of neurological therapy include,

  • Helping in rebuilding the neural pathways
  • You will see better motor control and balance
  • Helps with soft tissue treatments
  • Provides rehabilitation after head injuries
  • Improved sensations

Rehabilitation & Pain Management

Physiotherapists have been helping people to get rid of stubborn pains. With their in-depth knowledge of body movements, they customize treatment plans to eliminate unwanted pain and make sure that they never return.

Whether you are suffering from a sports injury or struggling after surgery, a physiotherapist can help you. They focus on treating the pain with advanced tools to make sure you lead a pain-free life. Regenerate Shockwave Therapy is providing up-to-date treatments to help the patients deal with these issues.

Sports Physiotherapy

This form of physiotherapy is dedicated to deal with athletes and sports professionals. They study the strains and injuries for athletes to provide them effective treatment, so they have long careers. The therapists help to reduce the tensions in the muscles to improve flexibility and range of motion. Among these, it comes with the following advantages:

  • It helps in the management of progressive injuries
  • Continuous movement assessment
  • It helps in preventing the injuries over time

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Another service that physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton offer include movement restoration in the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system consists of bones, ligaments, muscles, joints, and tendons. The advantages you get from this form of physiotherapy include,

  • It rectifies injuries
  • It helps to alleviate pain
  • Improve the mobilization
  • Treats the soft tissue damage

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Vestibular physiotherapy

The main focus of this physiotherapy is to help people with their body balance. The experts at the pain clinic in Edmonton help to realign the body to improve balance. The overall effect of this treatment includes the improvement in physical function and sturdier build of the body.

Vestibular rehabilitation focuses on inner ear health that is responsible for the balance. It treats the following issues:

  • Vertigo
  • Chronic dizziness &
  • Related problems

Physiotherapy is a sort of treatment that helps a person of every age and field. It is an effective way to improve the quality of life.

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