Turning My Garden into a Smart One With Rachio Smart Sprinkler

Turning My Garden into a Smart One With Rachio Smart Sprinkler

The love for nature has always been a thing of mine and living among the trees and bushes, my dream. I have always had a garden in all of the places I stayed in. In the places that I could make a garden due to space issues, I did keep portable plant pots. This pristine love for nature had me making my recent permanent home into a beautiful abode for herbs shrubs and bushes of all kind. The problem was with me not having enough time to run around and water them all the time. I didn’t want to employ someone to do it. I wanted a solution and that’s when I heard about the Rachio smart sprinkler system. I a device that could control your irrigation systems, including the quantity and timing of the sprinkling. It just sounded amazing and I wanted to try it out. That’s when I brought in the Rachio 8zulwc-l r3e smart sprinkler setup. It was really impressive at first sight. A very exquisite finish and a complete solution to my problems. I felt that there wasn’t a lot more that I could ask for.

Setting up the Rachio smart sprinkler

It didn’t take me long after I had brought out the sprinkler controller, to figure out how to set it up. When I went through the things given in the packaging I found out that they had provided a placement guide for the screws that would hold up the device. I gathered up my tools and then got to work. I used the guide to drill the holes and pitched the device up on the wall. It fills in very well and smoothly. After that, I just needed to plug in the sprinkler system wires in place. The neat spacing between the plugs in the device made it easy for me to complete it. After that, I plugged in the main power source for the device and it lighted up instantly. After that, I simply downloaded the Rachio app for the device and connected it to it using my wifi connectivity option.

As soon as the device got connected it lighted up blue instantly and I knew it was up and running. After that, I could simply tune in to the application on my mobile phone and then set up the timing of the sprinkling as well the quantity of water being used. After I had set that up, I could sit back and relax as I needed not to worry about anything at all. The Rachio sprinkler controller did all the watering work and my lawn flourished more than ever.

Resetting your sprinkler

If you wanted to know how to reset your Rachio sprinkler, then you should know that it’s pretty simple. It doesn’t take a lot at all. Simply go to your device and see if you can find the up arrow and select button both once you find them make sure that your device is connected to the power supply. Hold these two buttons in place for a few seconds and then notice the light change. That’s a sign that your device is resetting. After that, you can reconnect it to any of your devices and then set up your sprinkler all over again to suit your requirements.

If you wanted to download the Rachio sprinkler firmware update then you can do so from the mobile application support. Simply go to the mobile application and find out the settings. Once you are there find the update option. Here you can check for any updates and if any are there you can instantly download and install them. This helps your device to work better and perform well.

Final words

The mobile application can also help you with the Rachio smart sprinkler troubleshooting. Here you can use the troubleshoot button to check for any problems that are hindering the performance. Once the problems are found it will try and see if there are any solutions and then present them to you. You can choose one of the solutions to solve the problem. This can easily help you to get over any problems about the performance of your sprinkler controller. All in all, it’s an amazing product if you love gardening. Overall handy gardening support.


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