Training Drills for Dogs at Home

Training Drills for Dogs

As we all know, dogs are known for their friendly nature, strong senses, and loyalty in the universe. These lovely pets stay loyal and protective with their owner for the whole life span. They follow your orders, care for you, play with you, and everything you expect from a loyal pet. 

Your dog is the exact reflection of your training. You can train your dog in the way you want or according to your requirements. Meanwhile, users get confused while creating training programs for their dogs. There is a wealth of training drills by which you can train your dogs at home. Do not confuse yourself while choosing among various training programs, exercises, and training games available online. You can train your pet with the training behavior drills discussed below in this blog post. 

Following are the best training drills for dogs at home: 

Running: Running is the primary and most recommended training activity for a dog. It enhances your pet’s physical fitness components, including speed, endurance, stamina, etc. Running not only trains the dog to run faster, but it also improves its body organs. You can improve his running in the lobby, rooftop, or any open area in the house. Along with that, you can try running your dog on stairs to make it more strength than ever before. Just make sure you have a hand on your dog while running it on stairs to prevent injuries.

1. Obstacle games:

As its name describes, obstacle games help a dog in learning how to cope up with obstacles efficiently. Once you think your dog has learned running, you can start putting minor hurdles in its way. Teach your dog how to cope up with these obstacles and keep moving further. You must teach him to remove the hurdles and dodging them to clear the way. At the initial stages, dogs keep messing up with obstacles and try removing them with their head. Always put soft or movable hurdles in the way to prevent him from injuries. It will learn coping up with tough obstacles after practicing on soft ones.  

2. Fetch and return to sender:

Fetch and return to sender is the most common game for training a dog. In this, a sender throws an object far away from the dog and say fetch. Dog fetch the object and take it back to the sender. The best thing about this game is dogs also love playing fetching games. It not only a training game, though it has health benefits for the dog as well. The game improves the ability of dogs to run and grab the object as quick as possible. It gives a target to dogs, and they run faster than other activities.

3. Hide and seek:

Hide and seek is another productive game on the list. In this, the trainer hides behind an object or scrolls down and guide the dog to find him. You have to play this game in the same way you used to play with your friends in childhood. It improves your dog’s thinking ability and ability to take quick action when you are caught. Also, it increases the patience level of your dog while he is hiding from you. Your dog will easily learn to play this game and improve its gameplay after a while. Meanwhile, make sure you are hiding in a familiar place with the dog so that he can find you easily. 

4. Which hand or shell games:

Well, I do not think which hand or shell games need an explanation. We all are playing these games from our early childhood. In this, you need a small object like a coin and start shuffling it in between your hands or shells. Suddenly stop the shuffling and let the dog decide in which hand the object is. The game might look easy, but your dog needs utmost caution on your movements to make the right decision. By doing this, he will learn to solve puzzling activities and optimum decision making. Never use an edible or fragrant object as the dog have great smelling skills and will answer accurately using his nose. 

5. Follow the nose:

As discussed above, dogs have great smelling skills from their birth. They can smell and find out anything from anywhere with ease. However, you need to train your dog’s brain to smell accurately. The reason is some dogs get confused with multiple fragrances and fail to find the right object. In this, you can hide an object in your house and let your dog know how the object smells. The dog will track the smell and find out that object for you. After this, try confusing your dog to accurately track the fragrance from multiple fragrances to improve its smelling skills. 

6. Analyze and troubleshoot:

Your work does no ends with completing the training. You must examine your dog on advanced parameters to check whether it has learned accurately or not. Suppose you guide your dog to stand up when you say up, but it lays down after listening to that command. In this kind of situation, you need to retrain it for following your commands accurately. Troubleshooting is necessary for your dog before completing its training. Your dog can injure himself and you as well if you do not troubleshoot the errors in its training.


Dogs are considered the best learners among all pet animals. Meanwhile, training a dog creates headaches for most of the trainers. The reason is they need to train a dog with every single thing from initial and using multiple training programs. However, you can train your dogs by following training games as discussed above. All the training games are easy to implement in a dog’s training program and productive enough to train your dog efficiently. You can train your dog at any stage of his life. However, it will be more productive if you start training your dog in his growing stage. Visit- Paws and Whiskers 

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