Things You Need To Know Before Freezing Your Meals

Things You Need To Know Before Freezing Your Meals

Preparing and cooking meals is always a challenge for people with disabilities. You may find it difficult to visit a local market to buy fresh ingredients for your favourite dishes. This is where you can take advantage of NDIS meal plan delivery. You can get NDIS meals delivered to your house which is very helpful in freezing meals. 

NDIS meals providers make sure that you get locally sourced, organic, fresh ingredients in your meal. They listen to your preferences and create an NDIS meals plan that is just for you. Whether you prepare your meal on your own or you get NDIS meals delivered, you often end up having leftover ingredients or food. It is important to cut your food waste. So, you can keep the leftovers in your freezer. However, there is a right way to freeze and reheat your keto meals, NDIS meals, or any other meal. Here are some tips for you.

Freeze Fast

If you feel that you cannot use up all the vegetables in meal preparation then put your vegetables in the freezer immediately. Lay your veggies on a sheet pan and put them in the freezer. Your veggies will taste better when you defrost. Faster freezing maintains the roasted texture of ingredients. 

Foods With Crunchy and Crispy Textures 

Chicken parm, fried fish and other foods with crisp breading are likely to degrade if you defrost them especially if you use a microwave. Sauces, stews, soups and other similar foods maintain consistency and flavour when defrosted. 


If you have a large batch of broth, use freezer bags for the leftover. You can use it for braising or soups. These airtight freezer bags don’t occupy much space in the freezer. Plastic containers will occupy much more space.

Freeze Fresh

If you are working with the best-rated NDIS meals providers, you will get fresh supplies. If you want to stock up and freeze in-season items so that you can enjoy when these items will be out of season, freeze them fresh. 

Liquids Expand 

If your NDIS meals include juice, milk, broth or any other liquid, leave a little room at the lid. Liquids expand when frozen. You will have to deep-clean your freezer if you don’t do so.

Blanch Greens First

Air in the freezer naturally blackens pesto and other green sauces if exposed. You can eat without any worry. Blanching preserves the colour of your greens.

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Take Time for Defrosting 

You put your NDIS meal into the freezer on Friday morning. It’s Saturday morning and you want to roast the frozen meal. However, don’t put it into the microwave immediately. Move your frozen meat into the refrigerator.       

Leftover Herb 

Herbs and spices are used to flavour food. However, both are used in smaller amounts. Now you are left with an entire bunch. Cut and put it in an ice tray. Cover the tray with oil and freeze. You can add flavour at the time of roasting simply by throwing in a few cubes. 

You will use wraps and containers to freeze your leftover meals. Make sure that the wrap or container does not expose the frozen meal to moisture, air or any other element that can make your meal unsuitable to ingest.  

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