Their achievements and abilities are the letter of introduction for sports

Their achievements and abilities are the letter of introduction for sports

Professionals when entering the Program, which seeks to assist them financially, socially, technically, medically and technologically during their sports development.

Among the main characteristics of the Sports Excellence Program are the support and medical assistance with the highest quality standards, financial incentives during training and preparation, financial incentives for achievements, state-of-the-art technology in the Coldeportes Sports Sciences, in addition to inclusion and equity as premises: equal treatment for conventional and Paralympic athletes.

In terms of infrastructure, it offers favorable scenarios

for the practice of the different conventional and Paralympic disciplines. Likewise, it provides training in doping control and also academic agreements with the National Sports School and the Military University.

It also provides psychosocial support with professionals from the Sports Science Center of the Administrative Department, advice on nutrition and physiotherapy, and provides sports implementation.

The mega-goal that Coldeportes proposed for the end of the term

of the current National Government is to achieve a total of 3,000 medals between conventional and Paralympic, with the contribution of the members of the Excellence 스포츠중계 Program. The account goes at 1,549

In addition, within the framework of the meeting of this initiative in Bogotá, Carlos Iván Bermeo, Technical Director of Positioning and Sports Leadership of the Administrative Department, stated that the incentive value of the gold medals obtained in Rio 2016 will be 240 minimum wages. for athletes and half for their coaches.

We must not forget that sports communication has more current demands such as the development of new technologies and their application in the sports field. In turn, the user wants to interact with the communicator and that must be given the importance it deserves. Therefore, sports communication managed around the market requires different attitudes.

The objective to be a good sports communication professional is to know all the keys to the sector, since there are eloquent differences between sports journalism and general information.

What is the best streaming for sports?

There is a wide variety of sports streaming services, so directly naming which is the best is difficult, since each user may have very different tastes. However, we can name the most popular options among users due to their quality and price.

Some of these options may not be available for your region. Therefore, the use of a vpn tool is recommended to unblock web pages and thus access the content blocked in your region. This is not illegal, since you are only changing the region where your device is connecting from using a virtual private server. Do not forget that whenever you want to watch a game, you must have the vpn activated for the region you are trying to enter. That is why VeePN is an excellent option for your needs. Since it has different servers in different parts of the world, providing not only the opportunity to watch direct sports broadcasts. If not also protecting your data from possible theft attempts

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