The best way to watch live sports, without cable or TV

The best way to watch live sports, without cable or TV

For years now, cable television – and television in general – have been gradually falling into disuse in favor of online streaming platforms, both because of the ease with which they allow us to choose the content we want to see, and because of the convenience of being able to see our content. favorites on any device. The space around home television is becoming increasingly outdated, and, instead, the flexibility that tablets or smart phones give us allows us to enjoy our content anywhere and at any time.

If you want to watch football, Formula 1 or other sports live,

you can easily do so using various online platforms from different countries, which are often free or require a very cheap subscription. Here is a list of platforms that you can easily access with a VPN, which is a cybersecurity tool with which you can encrypt your connection and browse from servers in different countries.


DAZN is one of the most popular platforms to watch 스포츠중계 online. In addition to having live broadcasts of football competitions such as the Premier League, the Copa del Rey, the Women’s Champions League and the Italian Cup, it will also allow you to follow other sports such as boxing, tennis, handball, cycling, and the Euro league of Basketball.


ESPN is one of the most important sports platforms in the world and has a very varied programming in various countries. It is especially popular for its broadcasts of the Premier League, La Liga and the Champions League, as well as competitions such as Formula 1 and Moog. However, ESPN’s catalog is not the same in all countries, so you must have an account registered in the region where the competitions that interest you the most are broadcast.

Fox Sports

Especially popular in Latin America, FOX Sports is a television network with which you will be able to watch various sports competitions of international prestige, especially soccer and motorsports. FOX Sports often competes with ESPN to broadcast the most popular sporting events, so a good way to see them all is to combine both platforms.

Euro sport

The historic European sports channel Euros port allows you to watch a wide variety of sports that you won’t normally find on other TV channels. Euro sport is known for its broadcasts of darts, billiards, winter sports, athletics, and other events that are usually absent from the most popular streaming platforms.


Goal TV + TVE + TV3 + Media set

Finally, you have the Got online platform, with which you will be able to watch La Liga in HD quality wherever you are. You can also alternate this platform with the streaming services of other television channels such as TVE, TV3 and Media set, which usually broadcast various free-to-air sports broadcasts that can be viewed for free from anywhere in the world.

Remember to only use legitimate streaming platforms

In addition to having higher quality broadcasts, legitimate streaming platforms allow you to watch your favorite sports with the peace of mind that your devices are completely safe. Instead, illegitimate online platforms often install malware and adware that can put your devices and private data at risk.

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