The Best Remote Jobs for Developers During the Pandemic

The Best Remote Jobs for Developers During the Pandemic

If you are a developer and trying to look for a remote job during the pandemic, do we have some news for you! You are gold right and by that, we mean high in demand! The pandemic pushed the world into a digital age where many things turned digital even if they didn’t initially plan to do so. But what that means is more remote jobs for you!

If you’re looking for the kind of jobs you could apply for, I’m guessing you already know the type of jobs you want to do and have the skills for. If you’re a developer who is skilled in JavaScript, you’d be working on developing applications in JavaScript. What else? In this article, we’ll give you a few avenues you can explore for remote jobs during this pandemic. That way, you get the best kind of remote jobs for developers by looking at the right places!

Sign up with a remote work recruiter!

It’s exactly what it sounds like. You know about recruiters, right? People, that know the job market and can get you the jobs if you sign up with them? It’s the same thing here, just with the possibility of the job being anywhere in the world! Recruiters can be based anywhere and they can have focused areas that they target. 

For instance, Gaper is a recruiting firm that matches remote software engineers and developers with firms that need their services! It doesn’t matter if you’re skilled in R, or python, or .NET, some industry is using those skills and needs an expert and that’s how these firms bring you closer to your dream job. Sit at home and work for a firm in another part of the world. 

Do freelance work!

Working as a freelancer is a great use of time and resources. You can pick out the projects that you find interesting and work on them on your time. Get paid what you want and do it from home, right? What else could a person want? Well, except one downside. There might be many others willing to do the same for cheaper. That’s when a bidding war starts. This is a viable route but make sure to tread with caution and only sign up for work that you’re willing to do. There are places like Fiverr which are freelance marketplaces where freelancers come together and bid for projects. Businesses find the best freelancers and freelancers find work. 

Start networking through LinkedIn

You might be underestimating your network. They say it for a reason, your network is your net-worth. To refresh your LinkedIn, start looking for recruiters and companies over there, and don’t be shy in sending them a message enquiring about any positions in their firm. But before you do that, brush up your skills and CV on LinkedIn. Make sure your current positions are up to date and your summary shows what you want to accomplish. Feel free to add your awards and certificates that you have received on LinkedIn and make sure to regularly check and be active on LinkedIn. This allows LinkedIn to show you more jobs as you are an active user. 

Give entrepreneurship a try

Yes, seriously! What happened to that idea you had in college but never got around to it. Or about that solution you thought of on your work, but your boss never appreciated it. A pandemic is a perfect time when people have more time on their hands to start providing solutions to others and charging them for it. 

Become an entrepreneur and start something of your own. It could be a tech solution as you’re probably capable enough to become a developer, why not be the head developer and find a partner to help you with business development? All the big tech companies started in their garage, just think of Apple. Steve Jobs started in his garage and now Apple is worth more than USD 2 Trillion.

These are four great avenues that you can look into if you are a developer looking for remote work in a pandemic right now. You could contact a recruiting firm like Gaper, become a freelancer at Fiverr, find companies on LinkedIn, or become the next Apple. It all depends on you and how you want to spend your time during this pandemic!

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