The Best Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers are essential helpers in the maintenance and care of the lawn for home and/or garden owners. Choosing the right lawnmower is very important.

For less experienced gardeners and occasional lawnmowers we have created a 2021 lawnmower ranking that shows different options when it comes to petrol lawnmowers and electric lawnmowers. It is worth buying this product considering the quality / price ratio. Experts indicate that the best solution for lawn care using lawnmowers is to use a mower with a rotating collection basket.

In our ranking we include selected models of quality lawn mowers. As you have seen, the offer is very wide, so it is almost impossible to cover it completely. You should keep in mind that this is a selection of lawnmowers, tested by well-known quality entities, as well as by consumers. We invite you to share your experience with our readers and express your opinion if you have tried any of the Stihl in Anderson SC listed below or use them regularly.

 How to choose the perfect lawn mower?

·        Types of lawn mowers

There are different types of lawn mowers on the market when it comes to construction. Each slicer is suitable for a different purpose and has advantages and disadvantages. Also, we tell you more about the different types of lawn mowers below:

·        Drum mowers

This type of mower has a raised drum with knives. This is a self-propelled lawnmower that looks like the rotary type. The drum variant is particularly suitable for occasional mowing and very tall grass (ideal for lawns). It is not suitable for frequent and precise lawn care.

·        Reciprocating mowers

This option has moving blades that can handle tall grass and very large areas. The main advantage of this type of mower is that it cuts a relatively large size of grass and provides a very good quality of cut.

·        Spindle mowers

They are usually mechanical devices that are characterized by a precise cut. This type of lawn mowers is suitable for English lawn care.


·        Rotary mowers

This is the most popular home version. It is this type of lawnmower that we will deal with later in this article. The ideal for gardens of single-family homes, chalets, etc. They have a rotating blade on the motorized axis.


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