The beneficial effects of Thai massage

The beneficial effects of Thai massage

The vast majority of Asian massages are primarily used to release life energy, the so-called flow of Quid. All massages, such as an Asian massage, a classic and a Thai massage, contain certain grips, techniques and systems. The traditional Thai massage originally comes from India and has been practiced for more than 3,000 years. It is a healing treatment for body and soul. During the 홈타이, the energy channels in the body are activated so that they can flow freely again. Translated, Thai means something like: “ancient healing touch”.

Implementation and effect of a Thai body massage

Without shoes and jewelry, the person to be treated lies on the floor. The traditional Thai massage is also carried out on the massage table in the Central European latitudes. The Thai masseur works on the customer’s energy lines in a very specific rhythm. The person being treated is in a yoga-like position while the masseur uses their full body weight, knuckles, fingers, and elbows, and palms, balls of their feet and the palm of their hand.

Various points are massaged in a targeted manner so that the internal organs can also be influenced.

As soon as the energy flow is activated again, the emotional and physical blockages dissolve. The Thai wellness massage has an equally positive effect on the mind and body. Stress is reduced and thus also helps preventively against symptoms of illness that can arise from stress.

The lymph activity is also activated by the Thai massage. This means that waste products and stress hormones are removed more quickly. The activation of the powers for self-healing is promoted. Properly performed massage promotes good blood circulation throughout the body, which means cells and organs are better supplied with oxygen.

With the Thai body massage, a very good mobility of the entire musculoskeletal system is achieved by stretching the different regions in the body. The customer’s joints and spine are stabilized. Due to the active flow of energy, the metabolism of the treating person is revved up again. On Thai massage can also be used successfully to relieve pain. Thai Oil Massage

In many aspects, the Thai oil massage is similar to the traditional Thai body massage.

It is beneficial for the mind and the body. The technique of the Thai oil massage is the gentler variant. With the Thai oil massage, the treatment is carried out without clothing, since the oil is used here.

The treating person finds the massage very pleasant, mainly because of the fine oil and the stimulating grip. The oil also soothes and cares for the skin. The Thai oil massage is used to loosen the muscles and for general relaxation. The Thai massage with oil is often also referred to as a Thai wellness massage. The Thai oil massage is just the right thing for beginners or those who want to try it out.


Traditional Thai massage or Thai oil massage?

The  Asian massage  aims primarily at inner balance and relaxation. The positive effects and the effectiveness of an On Thai massage is based on the fact that Far Eastern treatment methods, in contrast to the classic massage techniques, have the corresponding holistic view of the person in mind. So there is no need for massage oils with a Thai massage. While Thai oil massage involves essential elements such as kneading and rubbing the skin. The oil used increases the relaxation effect.

The traditional Thai body massage, on the other hand, affects local points that also have a largely positive effect on internal organs that are distant from the pressure point

A concrete difference between the conventional Thai body massage and the classic massage is that the treatment is similar to Shiatsu massages and other Asian massages.

The Thai oil massage is the slightly more pleasant and milder version. The Thai body massage is done by pressure and is not done by rubbing and kneading. The grip techniques also differ. The special pressure techniques and grips of the Thai body massage release tension and blockages. The special pressure exercises are carried out along the energy lines of the practitioner. The various printing techniques are alternated with stretching and stretching techniques. These techniques are also known as passive yoga because they have a relaxing effect.

Positive Effects

During the Thai body massage, the muscles of the person treating you consume oxygen through the stretching positions. This encourages people to breathe deeply. In this way, the intense pressure exerted increases breathing. The human being is supplied with the necessary life energy via the energy lines and, according to Ayurvedic teaching, this prang is only supplied to the body through intensive breathing. The energy points and the flow of I are at the center of the traditional Thai body massage.

Both massage techniques have some things in common and promise many positive effects. They can have a soothing effect on headaches and can also help with nausea, knee and back pain. In the Far Eastern tradition, massages are carried out in particular to prevent diseases. The Thai massage technique is intended to provide relief from acute ailments such as sleep disorders, ringing in the ears or diarrhea through the pressure on certain energy lines and marma points.

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