Reasons Why Peppermint Should not be Missing in Your Home

Reasons why peppermint should not be missing in your home

We most often use it to prepare tasty tea. However, the possibilities of its use are much wider. It is possible that you also have this herb in your garden near the house, or it grows freely right in front of your block of flats. Believe it or not, leaving this “miracle” herb unnoticed would be a great sin. Peppermint is an extremely healing herb that positively affects and protects our immunity. It also protects the body from colds and flu. Read more about what good mint is all about, what it still helps with and why it should not be missing in anyone in the household.

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Well known in Chinese medicine

The beneficial effects of peppermint have been known and used by world-renowned Chinese medicine for several thousand years. In the past, it was customary for mint leaves to shake near places to relax and unwind. The ancient Romans added it to honey to refresh their breath. In ancient Greece, it was the custom to rub sore feet and joints with ointment with mint extracts. At present, mint is known worldwide, and more and more followers are also found in our ranks, which is very good and beneficial for overall health.

A healthy dose to encourage

Just decide it once, and you will quickly understand why mint is good for encouragement from the outside or inside. Mint leaves have a cooling effect on our skin or the whole body. They take away its heat, and that is why we feel that it pleasantly cools us and refreshes us at the same time. This peppermint effect remains the same whether we treat it cold or hot in tea, a sweetened drink, or in the form of ointment or massage oil. The buoyancy of our body occurs very quickly, no matter what we do. It is also excellent during the summer heat if we add it to our favorite drink, “mojito.”

Great for digestion, improving fitness

If you did not know this, then tea prepared from peppermint (mint tea) supports digestion or metabolism in our body. It is also advisable to prepare it for your children, as it does not harm them, especially with more severe abdominal pain or bloating feelings. Several experts and scientists have agreed that mint in tea promotes a drop in blood pressure due to its relaxing effect on the arteries’ walls. It also supports physical condition and strengthens the entire nervous system. It stimulates the liver and pancreas, relieves stomach and gallbladder pain. In addition, it helps to improve the excretion of bile and gastric juices.

For different odors

As we indicated at the beginning of the article, the ancient Romans used mint to suppress bad breath. Today, it is normal and expected for mint leaves to prevent bad breath and various inflammation of the oral cavity or respiratory tract. In this regard, it is effective to prepare a mixture of mint, sage, and chamomile and then rinse your mouth regularly several times during the day. Before that, this mixture must be left to leach for a while (after boiling) and strained.

Excellent in the kitchen, even in the bathroom

Try using mint in your kitchen as well. Mint-flavored food will give it elements of unusualness and uniqueness. It is known that mint is used both in meals and dishes, as well as in the preparation of various drinks and beverages. In our region, it is rather taboo to use mint in meals. Most often we add it to drinks, where we can enjoy it better than in some food. But adding mint to food has other meanings, among other flavors. 

Mint prevents the occurrence of unpleasant cramps in the abdomen (in the digestive system). It also contains the feeling of swelling, improves the activity of the gallbladder and liver best for love life to get some pills like Fildena 100 and Fildena 150. Last but not least, it increases appetite. It is best to add it to sauces, potatoes, vegetable salads, soups, fillings, or just try to season fish meat or classic meat (especially lamb or mutton). Combine it with sage and Satureja. You do not have to trouble if you only have dried mint at home. 

You can also use the one, as well as fresh. And how about revitalizing your body with a relaxing mint bath? There is nothing better for a tired body, legs, or rheumatic problems than a mint bath. The distinctive scent of herbs will sufficiently relax not only our body but also our mind. Try to throw away all your worries and fully surrender your body to the extract of peppermint. 

You will see what it will do to you if you also relax with this miraculous herb, which has a truly versatile use in our home. Try to throw away all your worries and fully dedicate your body to the extract of peppermint. You will see what it will do to you if you also relax with this miraculous herb, which has a truly versatile use in our home. Try to throw away all your worries and fully dedicate your body to the extract of peppermint. You will see what it will do to you if you also relax with this miraculous herb, which has a truly versatile use in our home.

Tip at the end

Prepare a fruit drink with mint on your own. What will you need for that? A jug full of water, a few leaves of peppermint and pieces of strawberries or raspberries, blackberries (depending on what you have on hand). Put all these ingredients in water and let them stand all day. The next day you can treat yourself to a tasty, refreshing, and especially purely natural healthy drink without unnecessary refined sugar (which lurks for us at every step, especially in purchased drinks). As you can see, peppermint is an excellent plant, the beneficial effects of which we can indulge in our body in many more and varied ways.