11 Tips for Printing Envelopes In 2022

Printing Envelopes

It’s possible to use an envelope for more than just protecting your message. Many messages may be sent before the recipient even opens the envelope.

Consider the following while selecting an envelope for your marketing campaign.

1. Design:

All envelopes are carried in wallets or pockets. Long-edged wallets and short-edged pockets are the norms.

2. Size:

Envelopes come in ‘A’ and ‘C’ sizes, which are the same. An A5 piece of paper in a C5 envelope, for instance.

An A4 page folded in thirds or a compliment slip may fit in a DL envelope (so an A4 sheet folded into thirds or a compliment slip).

3. Save Money And Time:

Even though it’s a basic envelope, you may get it either way with most. Think about how you’ll be using the envelopes – will the recipient’s address always be visible? First impressions are tarnished by putting an address sticker on a window. ‘ You save money if you print both at the same time.

4. Material:

Printing Envelopes

The material used to construct an envelope is something that is far too frequently overlooked. Envelopes that are too light can provide the incorrect impression if you’re trying to market a high-end product or service.

Sending an envelope is a first impression for the receiver (and feel). To save money on postage, you might reduce the weight of your envelopes when printing a big number of them for a shipment.

5. Use Of An Automated Mail System:

You must first contact the direct mail business if your envelopes are to be utilized for direct mail. Only a few aspects of envelopes may be machined,’ such as size, wallet or pocket, and weight of the material.

Which envelope sizes may be used by direct mail companies is determined by their technology. The expense of printing thousands of envelopes for a direct mail campaign only to discover that they can’t be used is an expensive error.

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6. Colors:

Full-color or spot-color printing is the most common method for printing envelopes (Pantones). Adding extra colors raises the price of a product. If your logo is blue but your return address is black, we will print it in two colors.

7. All Over Print:

A logo, return address, and other details are usually pre-printed on most envelopes, making them easier to mail. Despite this, there are severe downsides.

The machine can only grasp the envelope if you leave a strip on both sides.

8. Customization:

In addition to the most popular sizes, such as “C” and “DL,” there are extra sizes available. Contact your envelope provider for custom choices that handle the aforementioned difficulties (remember to consider the points raised above at the same time).

If they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, you may order custom envelopes.

9. Portal Restrictions:

Then there are postal restrictions. UK mail comes in three letters: letter, large letter, and package. There are strict weight and size requirements for letters sent by mail. Size: 353 x 250 x 25mm; weighs less than 750g. It comes as a set.

Use the lowest and lightest choice available to save on postage expenses.

10. PPI:

Printing Impressions of Postal Items Postage may be printed directly on your envelopes by Royal Mail, saving you the cost of stamps and franking. Royal Mail’s website has all the information you need.

Your logo and the return address may then be printed on the PPI, saving you money in the process.

11. Additional Options:

There are other options if you aren’t sure about printing envelopes. Your padded envelopes may make it harder to overprint your message. Pre-printing label sheets are the way to go in this scenario.

Most office printers prefer A4-sized label sheets since they’re easier to handle. Labels are available in a variety of sizes and quantities from our in-stock inventory.

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This information may help you make an informed decision about the envelope design that is most appropriate for your requirements and budget.