Phree – Make the World Your Paper

Phree – Make the World Your Paper

We are not even aware, and there are plenty of technologies launched in the world in the blink of an eye. Like this one known as Phree, the world’s first high resolution, unlimited, write effectively anywhere mobile input technology.

We are living in a world that is not complete without technologies and screens. Papers are rarely used now. Writing and drawing on screens cannot always be impetuous. We can only write simple texts through the keyboard provided in our phones, tablets, and the keyboard available with computers. Screens are surely very important, and we love screens as it gives the ease to work and gives better vision for concentrations, sometimes they can be restraining.     

Not anymore, this is 2020, and nothing is impossible to do. Everything is advanced and unimaginable. Phree enables you to draw, write, interpret, and exhibit yourself in unlimited other ways. On practically any surface, you want to write on. It sounds like magic, right? It is magical through intelligent advanced technology. 

It is now easier for every busy person to write the details of their assignments and projects through Phree quickly and hand them to the writers at the cheap assignment writing service and then get back to anything important.

You must be wondering about what kind of surfaces you can write through this pen. Well, the answer is anywhere, on screens and other materials, even on the dashboard of your car, on your hands, and where ever you would like to try on, you can try it. This pen is beyond our imaginations. It has made writing so easy that you can make the world your paper to express yourself.  

What else does Phree have?

When it says that practically anywhere, that means possibly everywhere, it can function. It can also connect to your phone, TV, tablet, laptop, and anything with Bluetooth connecting options. This pen is well-suited with software and application such as OneNote, Acrobat, Microsoft Office, Viber, Google Handwriting keyboard, and much more. It is easier for office-going people, students, and teachers to draw lines, graphs, jot down points, and instantly write emails and phone numbers with your hands through this pen. You can have this pen as a magic wand in your hand and write on any screen. You will have access to write smoothly and a grip that you have on papers 

It can also perform as a headset and has a fused screen for short texts. When you receive a message, you can write a reply on the screen and send it instantly. Phree has a 3D laser interferometer that makes all the adjustments of surface and motion of your hands

Phree’s incredible features

  • Jot down your notes and number without the use of your phone. You will not have to hold it out for writing.
  • You can use your favorite handwriting to draw emojis and messages
  • You can utilize Phree’s display to send and receive messages
  • Take notes, summarize and footnote your documents easily
  • Multiple languages can be used to input through your handwriting. 
  • The dialing number and Bluetooth headset are also accessible
  • Bluetooth mouse can be enabled 

How Phree took place?

We all have the nimbleness and a grip control over something that we hold with our finger. We are taught, and then eventually, we learn to hold things in our style. It can be a pencil, scalpel, or pen we can effortlessly hold and grip it.

For concurrent moment on-screen digital ink furnishes the dormancy between our writing movement, and the discerned ink trace requires an eye-blink that is nearly immediate for it to feel the right one. We also wanted to sketch and write no matter where we are and whatever the time is. When you have something in your mind and want to jot it down but at the same time do not want to take your phone out for that, open the application and then wait for that to open, this is over now. It was cracked by great automation.

At the OTM technologies, this pen’s manufacturers invented Optical Translation Measurement (OTM) to closely track hand movements across practically any surface in a massive, powerful range. This pen was managed to engineer and create flatten, low-cost optical sensors inserted at the tip of a pen-like device. The collaboration of unique advanced technology and user-friendly automation with functional design. 

Phree’s design

Many brilliant engineering and illustrations were invested in this pen to make sure of the best user experience. The design is thin and an oval cross-section making, so it is a blend of comfort and usefulness. You can tap on it to change it to a highlighter from a pen. You can change the ink color too and can dial and message through it. It has a sleek, modern look that makes it look classy to carry. People love the new pocket-friendly design of this pen that can be carried anywhere and can be used anytime, with no more mini restrictions.

The case and cap

The design is made practical and functional to be able to charge and carry Phree. The case has inserted wireless charging, so you can easily charge Phree by putting on its case then put it on the wireless pad that can charge the pen anywhere. 

The cap has the magnetic body to attach it with the pen and charge from the magnetic fields’ current. You can easily place your phone on the wireless stand and start with your writing, drawing, or anything you want to do. You will get the perks of an instant mobile workstation. Phree can be ordered with or without the case also. 

Phree has a matching cap that is used to protect the tip of the pen. The cap is rubberized that doubles as a touch screen stylus in this set. 

Sensor specs of Phree

  • Resolution: 2,000 dpi
  • Motion velocity: 0 – 1,000 mm/sec
  • Optical power: 0.3 mW
  • Wavelength: 850 nm

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