Perfect Holi Gifts for Your Family and Friends

Perfect Holi Gifts for Your Family and Friends

Holi is one of the colorful festivals where we all celebrate with our dear members like family, friends, relatives, and neighbors. This is the right time to share our holi gifts with our loved ones. Even though there is a wide range of collections and options when it comes to gifting, there is something we should select and choose from the group.

Here are some of the things to consider before we are buying a gift:

  • Know the likes and dislikes of the person before choosing one.
  • Make sure that the gift is useful and not just for the namesake.
  • More than the amount you spend, it is important to put some effort and love into choosing and giving a gift
  • Sometimes, it happens that there will be some specific budget even if you want to buy something big. Never worry, try to look for the best options under your budget on the sites.
  • If you are long-distance from your loved ones, online gifting will be one perfect option for you.
  • When you like to gift based on occasions, for example, Holi, there are different options like white Kurtis, herbal colors, gifts, hampers, and many more.

Top Five Unique Holi Gift Ideas For Your Family / Friends:

1. Fabrics/Materials:

There are people who generally love to dress up or try different types of fabrics. For example, if you want to gift your mom or sister, try some unique fabric collections like ikat fabric, kalamkari fabric in a saree, or dress materials. You can also choose white kurti’s as one of the best holi gifts online.

2. Silver Jewellery/Accessories:

If you want to gift something to your friend or cousin’s sister, then jewelry is one of the perfect choices to go with. There are different and unique accessories and jewelry and this will be the perfect one for choosing. Holi Gift Online has made all of us order to our loved ones from home.

3. Handmade Greeting Cards:

Even though you spend thousands of amounts on a gift, a simple letter or card will be equal to the thousand amount you spent on it. The simple gesture would show the love and care you show for that specific person based on the time and effort you put into it.

4. Herbal Colors:

Even though you are away from your family, you can order herbal colors for them so that they can enjoy and at the same time be safe too. The herbal colors will be completely safe for your skin and you can enjoy them without any worries.

5. Holi Hampers:

There are unique hampers available online which will be a perfect fit if you want to gift a family or your favorite person. Hamper or holi presents will be okay if you want to give a gift in the form of a combination or collections. Even if you don’t like the combo that is given in the hamper, you can ask for customization or can pick different gifts from the sites or shops. Hampers are generally considered special since it includes a different collection of products in a single box.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin During Holi:

● Using herbal colors will be safe and will not damage your skin.

● If you don’t have the choice to buy herbal colors, try to make them at home. Here are 5 colors that can be made in a home:

Green – You can take any leaves like neem, hibiscus, or even some spinach leaves. Let them dry under the skin for 12 – 24 hours. Now grind them and you will get your green.

Orange – After you consume the orange fruit, never discard the outer peel. Dry them under the sun or shade for a couple of days. The breaking consistency will be perfect for grinding. This will give a natural yellow color.

Yellow – Lemon will be a superb option. Follow the same steps as you have done for obtaining the yellow color. 

Red/Marron – Beetroot will be great to choose from. You can dry the vegetable or peels and sundry them. Then grind and get the red color powder.

Food Colors – You can also use food colors to get some rare colors. You can choose them

iTokri is one of the best handicraft stores which has some wonderful gift options for your family and friends. They have handmade products which are directly shipped from the artisans of India. Most of the products available are completely handmade, handpainted, and handwoven. All these are something that is completely customized and personalized so they will give you some kind of personal touch. Get your hands on holi gifts online and enjoy the colors with fun and laughter.

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