Life in Berlin for International Students

Life in Berlin for International Students

Berlin is the German nation’s capital and largest city of this country. It is host to many universities, multicultural urban life, and a cauldron of the cultural offering. This makes Berlin an exciting start-up scene and its bustling metropolis are one of the best places you can choose for your abroad study plan. Read on to learn more about what makes this city such an exciting university town and figure out why you should study in Berlin as well.

Berlin is home to some of the world’s top-ranking universities

If you are you looking for superior education at some of the best academic institutes in the world, then Berlin will be the best place to go for. Student life in Berlin is affordable with tuition fees often reduced to a minimum.

Private universities in Berlin are popular among students as they charge cheaper admission fees compared to other countries of Europe. Furthermore, of all the major Western European cities, Berlin is considered one of the cheapest to live in, especially if you choose to live in the city’s less-happening districts. Berlin the ideal choice for students with a limited budget on their mind including food, transport, and leisure.

You will never feel alone when you study in Berlin

There are plenty of universities that teach in English, which is the main reason behind it attracting a large community of international students. It is not uncommon to find an enormous number of fellow expatriates settled here. With the millions of students across the whole of Berlin, making new friends is just a moment away. Furthermore, with such a bold international community, the language barrier is not a thing you should be worried about. 

It’s not all about hard work – student life in Berlin is awesome!

If you can find time to get yourself away from the study regimen, you will be amazed to find there are so many thrilling activities to engage in in the city of Berlin, as well as further away in the countryside. From the art culture and museums to its famous clubs and nightlife. Couple that together and there you have a recipe for an excellent getaway from the everyday classroom.

Social clubs in Berlin are highly diverse, no matter the time of day you want to enjoy a party, there will always be something to take your fancy. You may lose your count when searching for places to have fun but don’t miss out on the activities that the campus has to offer.

There are plenty of career options after graduation

Perhaps you not only want to further your academics when in Berlin but are considering to live and work after qualifying for your university degree. Berlin has transformed itself into a hub for start-ups and international business corporations, with more expatriates flocking in every year.

So if you are seeking a place that is friendly and welcoming towards foreign students, then Berlin will suit you best. Apply to a course today! 

This article was written by Deblina Dam.

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