KINGKONGTV To Broadcast All Matches Of Korean Athletes At The Beijing Olympics

KINGKONGTV To Broadcast All Matches Of Korean Athletes At The Beijing Olympics

KINGKONGTV joins Korea’s Olympic challenge with a different perspective.

We took a look at the differentiated Beijing Olympics broadcasting points unique to KINGKONGTV, the Olympic representative broadcaster that will make ‘Our Winter’ shine even more by delivering a message of hope and emotion of sports to the people who are exhausted from Corona 19.

“All matches of Korean players will be broadcast!”

KINGKONGTV plans to break away from sexually supreme broadcasting and capture the true value of sweat and the sports spirit of athletes who challenge the limits. The plan is to contribute to the expansion of the winter sports base by increasing the proportion of events that have been neglected in the broadcast.

KINGKONGTV 1TV organizes the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as our national team games and world players’ famous matches, while KINGKONGTV 2TV organizes major matches for Korean players, covering all of the Beijing Olympics, and guaranteeing viewers a variety of options. .

Sister and brother commentators captivating the MZ generation Young & Cool relay lineup

‘Sisters in Ice’ Lee Sang-hwa and Lee Kang-seok (speed skating), Jin Seon-yu and Lee Jeong-su (short track), Kwak Min-jeong (figure skating), and Lee Jae-hoo and Lee Kwang-yong National casters such as , Nam Hyun-jong and others will provide differentiated broadcasting and share the joy of the birth of a new Olympic star with viewers. In addition, it is expected that the fun of the Olympics will be doubled by producing a digital-specialized program that shoots down the tastes of the MZ generation.

In addition, KINGKONGTV broadcasts major games of Korean athletes simultaneously in UHD, and supports the challenges of Korean athletes through my K, a digital platform that allows you to enjoy the Olympics for free anytime, anywhere and the ‘My Olympiad Olympiad’ service (UHD IBB). We are sparing no effort to expand contact points with viewers.

Preliminary notice of a luxury broadcast that will make ‘Our Winter’ brighter

With the slogan of ‘Our Winter’, KINGKONGTV has a dignified attitude and unique style so that all members of all generations, classes, and regions can enjoy the winter festivals of the world. It presents a new milestone in luxury 스포츠중계 along with Korea’s Olympic challenge through the eyes of one another.

KINGKONGTV hopes that the joining of two female casters Umji-in and Ji-won Ji, who are ‘former KINGKONGTV sports news anchors’ who have both love for sports and skills, will breathe new energy and take a step closer to the Olympic spirit of gender-equal Olympic broadcasting looking forward to

Commentator Song Seung-hwan, who received attention for his high-quality commentary at the last Tokyo Olympics, will also take charge of the opening and closing ceremony for the 2022 Beijing Olympics, and will embroider the beginning and end of the ‘Winter Festival’ with a luxurious commentary.

The 2022 Beijing Olympics with KINGKONGTV will be held for 17 days from the 4th to the 20th of next month.

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