How to Recruit and Hire Remote Employees––Then Manage Them.

How to Recruit and Hire Remote Employees––Then Manage Them.

Hiring remote employees in an organization is advantageous since it brings together all the necessary skills and abilities. Similarly, the small work is also beneficial for the workers by providing them with a chance to expand their career further without the stress of relocating. However, recruiting and hiring remote workers is challenging.

Steps to Recruit Remote Employees

  • Strong Online Presence: If your industry or brand reputation is right, then it will be useful while hiring employees with skills and talent. It is easier to find local applicants since they might have known about your industry beforehand, known one of your workers or might have seen your workplace during their interview. However, in case you depend on the remote hiring process, it is very crucial to create a strong brand presence online. It will enable these candidates to know more about your industry through your online presence. You must ensure that your online presence displays your reliability, trustworthy, and demonstrates your culture. It should also enable the candidates to picture themselves as a member of the group/team.

Thus, it would be best if you stood by making career pages that are both enlightening and useful for appealing to social media accounts

These can be following:

  • Define your method of working: The remote employees are generally responsible for creating their schedules. However, they are still eager to acquire more details regarding the job and what their responsibilities will be. It would help if you defined the flexibility that you offer and a little sight into the everyday work of an employee.
  • Adding the statements of employees: You can request your remote employees to voice out their story, the reason for selecting a remote job, and what made you stay in the industry. These stories will help in motivating the individuals to fill up the application.
  • Demonstrate in-person meetings: If your team joins conferences together occasionally, they can share these moments through videos or pictures.
  • Demonstrate the values of your culture: Most of the companies are interested in employing and working with individuals with similar values/principles. Express the crucial qualities that you are searching for in co-workers.

Advertise Your Jobs at Good Locations

The social networks and the job boards aimed at remote work are the best choices to advertise your vacant roles. There are several global boards as well that can be selected if you can define the title of the job clearly. In case you want to hire workers in a particular country or city, you can consider advertising on local boards.  

Steps to Hire Remote Employees

The required method of communication while hiring remote individuals will be your mobile and online/video interviews. You should guarantee that appropriate tools are used to make communication much more comfortable. Assessments tools can be a great choice to measure and evaluate the skills/abilities of an applicant and make unbiased decisions, even without an actual in-person meeting with the applicant.

The recommended list of tools that you can use from are as follows: 

Take remote interviews:

  • SparkHire: It is useful for managing and assisting employers in making better and impartial decisions. It helps them to see the recorded interviews and compare the answers to that of the candidates at any phase of the hiring procedure.
  • HireVue: It is useful for the applicants to schedule the interviews according to them in a situation of enormous time difference.  

Accessing the culture value:

  • Saberr: It enables you to foresee the performance of the candidate into the role, organization, and team using the data-driven technology.
  • ThriveMap: It allows you to determine the ways an individual likes to work to be able to develop productive and efficient teams.


You can request your employees for referrals while employing remotely. You can explain the skills and abilities that you are in search of and guarantee that it doesn’t have boundaries in terms of location.

Similarly, the employees can also recommend their company to their networks and act as an advocate for your brand, especially the ones that work remotely. These employees can also express what it feels to be working in a distributed team and thus, attract more applicants.

Steps to Keep Remote Employees Longer

  1. Fair compensation packages: You can never hire remote employees without an appropriate compensation plan. Thus, it must include the following factors:

Reasonability: In case you are hiring two employees, and both of them belong to two different countries, you must take into consideration the expense of living since it varies per country. Thus, it is crucial to create rewards and compensation packages that take care of the workers’ requirements but don’t build many gaps between the incomes of the different team members.

You must guarantee equality among the employees in the work and place. Thus, let the potential candidates know about the expectations they can keep. 

Attractiveness: If you hire remote employees, you compete against various business organizations throughout the world. This demands more effort in the design of multiple packages for compensation. You must provide other benefits such as gift cards, data packs or mobile plans if you are not able to hike their current salary.

  1. Additional Benefits: You must prioritize the benefits that are helpful for every employee in the company. Therefore, while managing employees in remote places, you must ask them about the perks that they might require and also provide them joining gifts such as noise-cancelling headphones that are useful while working in a public area. Some of the important examples are:

Professional Growth: Each employee wants to grow in professional terms, and so, employees working remotely seek the same. You must offer them a chance to join any training program that is scheduled by the company and help them grow further professionally. You can also provide them with several online training courses. It will enable them to learn new skills and additional knowledge, which is useful to grow their career.

Health Insurance & Life Insurance: Many remote employees select to work remotely often to stay closer to their families. Therefore, you can offer a health insurance plan for them as well as their family as an additional package.

Vacation Plan: Remote workers typically work much longer than that of the office workers since they don’t have to travel. Thus, providing them with a good vacation plan will make them content.


Each employee wants to be treated well and gain respect within a company. Employees working remotely are not an exception. Thus, it is crucial to create a work culture that provides them with respect and any additional resources regardless of the location they are working from.

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