How to Recognize a Fake Travis Scott’s Sneakers

How to Recognize a Fake Travis Scott’s Sneakers

Do you want to know how to recognize fake Travis Scott Shoes? We’ve put up the greatest guide on how to identify the difference between real and fake Travis Scott shoes—it’s the most comprehensive comparison you’ll find.

Look for bolded wording on the tags, discrepancies on the tag or any ends on the Nike Swoosh to spot the fake Air Jordan 1, Travis Scott.

Naturally, if you only do one item, this information will be easy to implement.

And that one thing would be to check out  Travis Scott Jordan 1s actual vs fake comparisons below.

The most efficient approach to recognize a fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 pair is to do the following: Look at the tongue tag.

This is another aspect of the shoe that fake producers may overlook when copying because no one except the wearer will see it once the shoes are on their feet. Tongue is important as they are very hard to copy as it was the case about Adidas boost yeezy 350 v2.

  • Verify if the signals of legitimacy are reliable.

The suede material is another trustworthy evidence of authenticity when it comes to real vs fake Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Retro High sneakers.

The suede texture on the real Travis Scott Air Jordan 1s must move when rubbed, leaving traces behind.

As a result, if the genuine shoes are touched, they should leave a darker impression.

The suede look on the original Travis Scott AJ1s is more concentrated since it leaves deeper traces and screams a higher-quality material than the one utilized to make the phony sneakers.

  • Check the level of inflation in the toe box.

When you want to make sure the new Travis Scott shoes are authentic, look at the toe box and its inflation level.

The toe box of genuine shoes appears to be deflated, but the toe box of counterfeit shoes appears to be overly thick, with an over-inflated appearance.

  • Examine the Nike Swoosh on the back of the pointed tips.

Following that, we’ll take a look at the reverse Swoosh. Keep in mind that this is the Nike Swoosh that appears on the shoe’s exterior.

The distance between the top of the Swoosh and its neighbour suede piece is the first thing I’d look for in this actual vs fake Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott comparison.

It’s entirely up to you whether you compare it to the white leather section, the double stitching line, or the brown suede part.

All you have to remember is that the distance between the Swoosh and whatever reference point you’re using shouldn’t be as great as the fakes. 

These are some of the ways that you can definitely fake from original Travis Scott shoes – be it Travis Scott Dunks or Travis Scott Jordan 1s. 

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