How To Protect Your Leather Bag from Disaster

How To Protect Your Leather Bag from Disaster

If you have an expensive leather bag, never go for laundry services Dubai that use dry cleaning for leather bags. Leather bags are delicate and their surface may get ruptured in the dry-cleaning process. There are many services for luxury bag cleaning in Dubai that wash and clean your bag without putting in heavy machines.

These bags include wallets, purses, backpacks, and handbags that should not be given to a giant dry-cleaning machine with lots of chemicals that can spoil the leather surface.

Beguiling of dry cleaners

You will face some of the dry cleaners who will try to convince you to dry clean your leather bags. They will insist to have an experience and tell you that they have a special chemical formula for leather bag dry cleaning. Do not agree with the lines as every dry-cleaning agent will have a bad impact on your bag whether in terms of rupturing the leather to vanishing the shine and color of your bag.

A big loss following the leather bag dry cleaning

If you have decided to take your leather handbag for dry cleaning, remember it will be in disaster for more than 30 mins. There will be expensive charges for dry cleaning services. And the foremost thing is it will make you cry when you finally saw your leather bag out of that machine in a putrid condition.

After dry cleaning your leather bag will not remain that soft and flexible, it will be stiffly hardened and puckered. The color of your leather bag will either become dull or there will be color patches on the surface with visible scratches. The fabric inside the leather surface will become scuffed.

Is restoration possible?

In most cases, there is no chance of leather bag restoration. The color fading is irreversible and the original condition of the bag could not restore again. The scratches on the leather surface and be minimized but there is no way to get rid of them all.

While the inner surface and hardening of the leather can be somehow restored. Luxury bag cleaning Dubai ensures the use of leather softening conditioners. It will reduce the risk of more rupturing of leather corners. Best laundry services ensure the use of leather shiners that will make the bag able to use.

Take sensible decisions

By taking care of your leather bag, you can protect its elegancy and versatility. Whenever your leather bag gets dirty, never think of going to have a dry clean for your bag. Always try to clean it by hand or choose some professional services who are experts in leather bag cleaning, knows how to handle leather stuff properly without rupturing the surface, and do not use heavy machines and chemicals for cleaning purpose.


The laundry services Dubai is the best that offers a hand cleaning service for your expensive leather bag. Always try to figure out things on your own first. If cleaning with water at home is not worth the stains, then go for a luxury bag cleaning Dubai with the assurance that they will not use a dry clean or heavy chemical treatment for the leather restoration.

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