How to earn and redeem your credit card reward points

How to earn and redeem your credit card reward points

The value of the credit card is immense. One of the reasons it is an attractive option is the presence  of various reward points on the credit card. Reward points on a credit card have been an attractive  tool to attract more customers to buy the credit card. The reward point rate can differ from bank to bank. Usually, many large gifts reward points to encourage customers to make their daily payments  using the card. These reward points can be advantageous for the customer. This blog will help you  find out how you can keep track of your reward points and redeem credit card points them for several benefits such as  cashback, vouchers, etc.  

What are credit card reward points? 

Reward points are benefits rewarded to a credit card customer on making purchases. Reward points  can come in different forms, such as cashback, loyalty points, reward miles or payback points, among  others. These points can either be earned later in cash or help pay specific bills, travel bookings, or  purchase groceries.  

Benefits of credit card points

Reward points can be rewarding for customers. It can be appealing to earn when you shop or spend.  Some of the benefits of reward points are given as under: 

Getting cash backs: cashback always seems attractive. Some credit cards even allow the cardholder  to convert the reward points into cash. 

Helps you shop online: Reward points such as vouchers can give offers to shop selected brands or  selected online stores. 

Reward points on travel: if you are a frequent traveller, credit cards also provide reward points on  hotels and airfare. It can save you hundreds of rupees on the actual amount to redeem on travels. 

Reward points to donations: You can either use the reward point yourself or give it to charity. Thus,  if you don’t want to spend it on yourself, you can still redeem the points for charitable causes.  

Gift cards and vouchers: you can also gift your friends and family. Gift cards can be awarded by the  cardholders, which can help make purchases with a discount.  

How to earn and redeem credit card reward points? 

There are several ways to earn rewards. Different banks provide different earning rewards, but most  card companies offer the following schemes on the credit card given as follows: 

Welcome reward: This is a reward point to new credit card customers. You can spend the  following points within 90 days of issuance of the card.  

Regular reward: You get reward points routinely regardless of the kind of purchase you  make. You can use the points by using your credit card and earning a discount on items.  

Accelerated rewards: When you make purchases with the partner restaurants, partner  stores, you earn special reward points that you can redeem using your credit card to buy the  items that earn accelerated rewards, such as grocery or flight tickets. 

Renewal point: You get a renewal reward on renewing your card after you renew your  credit card. 

Milestone benefits: many banks offer a bundle of reward points as milestone bonuses when  certain milestones are achieved with respect to transactions spent. Meet the milestone  criteria set by the credit card issuing company to redeem the reward point. 

Add on cards: These points are earned on a supplementary card but credited to your primary  credit card. To redeem the credit point, Use the add-on or supplementary credit card.


After reading this blog, now you know what is credit card reward points, the different reward points  in credit cards, the benefits of credit card reward points, and how can you redeem them. Thus, if you  don’t already know the reward, get in touch with your credit card provider and educate yourself  about the reward program available on your card.

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