How to Add Receipts Support in QuickBooks Desktop

How to Add Receipts Support in QuickBooks Desktop

By using the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app or your PC, you can easily upload your receipts to QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks will pull the information from the receipts and match it with an existing transaction, then you can go and review and approve the match. Here’s what to do.

Add your receipts to QuickBooks Desktop. Make sure that you do not upload any sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, or health information, etc.

Upload receipts from Intuit QuickBooks desktop support

Here’s how you can upload PDFs or images of your receipt in QuickBooks Desktop.

Please ensure that if you’re using PDFs, you can only have a single receipt per page.

● Click on the Vendor menu, then choose Receipt Management.

● Choose the Intuit Account that you use for the company file.

If you don’t have any permission to access the company file or your account isn’t connected or integrated with one, here’s what you can do.

● Drag and drop your receipts into QuickBooks Desktop or choose to browse to upload, then select your receipts.

● Upload the receipts by using your QuickBooks iOS mobile app.

● QuickBooks Desktop supports PDFs and also the other images with formats like JPEG, JPG, GIF, or PNG.

If you are using the latest iPhone or iPad, you might have images in HEIC format.

Here’s how you can convert existing images to a more compatible format.

● If you haven’t downloaded the QuickBooks Desktop iOS app till now download it.

● Now after downloading the QuickBooks Desktop app, sign in to your Intuit Account and select the company to upload receipts to.

● Tap on the company to upload receipts to, then tap on Continue.

● Then click on the option Capture Receipt.

● Now again tap on the given Camera icon to take a picture of the receipt or tap on the Photos icon to upload your receipt If needed, you can also crop and rotate the photo.

● Tap Use this photo.

● Add a Name and a Memo, then tap on the ‘Upload photo’ option and then tap on OK.

● Sign in to your QuickBooks Desktop company file to review, edit, and match the receipts to transactions.

Method 2: Review, edit, and match receipts to transactions

● Once you upload the expenses receipts in the QuickBooks Desktop, they’ll show up in the ‘For Review Tab’. This is where you can review, edit, match, and add the transactions into the register.

● Find the Vendor menu, and then choose ‘Receipt Management’.

● Now from the given ‘For Review tab’, select the Refresh icon to see your receipts.

● From the receipt, select the given small arrow and then select Review.

● If the receipt matches the transaction that you are searching for, select Attach.

● If the match that you found is incorrect, then select Remove match and after that create a new transaction.

● Select OK.

How to give access to receipt management to users

If you have multiple users and you want to give access to upload the receipts or create new transactions to match receipts with, you can simply give different access to them depending on their role. Here are the permissions that you should give to the user:

● Bank Registers (and all Banking Accounts)

● Checks

● Credit card charges

● Credit card registers

● Customer Center

● Vendor Center

● Chart of Accounts List

● Class List

● Edit Bills

● Pay Bills

In QuickBooks Desktop, the user can review, match, and upload the receipts transactions. They can also add the transactions to the register. In QuickBooks Mobile, users can upload the receipts. Before you get started, please ensure that the user has an Intuit account associated with the same company file.

● Go to the Vendor menu, and select Receipt Management after that.

● Select Manage Users.

● Depending on what you want the user to do, select either of the given options ‘Give Desktop’ and ‘Mobile access’ or ‘Give only mobile access’.

● Select Continue.

● Now click on Add user, then enter the user’s email address.

● Keep the role as the Basic user, then select Save.

● When the user accepts the email invite, they’ll have access to manage receipts.

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