How a Sports Person Can Stay Healthy Against a Heat Stroke

How a Sports Person Can Stay Healthy Against a Heat Stroke

We all love to sit comfortably at our home in the cool temperature during summers once we are done with air conditioning Sydney. But have you ever wondered what other benefits does it have on our health other than the comfort it provides? Well, an air conditioner can help a lot in providing you safety and improved life quality at your home. 

We have seen that heat-related issues or illness can turn into an emergency in no time and it is better to act the moment you feel something is not correct and your body is giving vital signs of it.

Working out during the summers can turn out hazardous as we get dehydrated very quickly with the rise in the temperature. But if we take proper precautions and understand the reasons behind a specific sign our body showing such as dehydration and heatstroke which limits the amount of fun one can have on the summer weekend under the scorching sun.  

“While exercising and performing other physical activities are important to carry out the daily work, it is equally important to stay healthy and avoid yourself from heatstroke, dehydration, or any such summer-related issues,” a national level sports and nutrition expert in fitness science. 

Luckily, we have a few ways in which we can beat the scorching heat and keep ourselves healthy:

1. Timing Is Important

If you are a fitness freak, make sure you are timing your workout schedule during the cooler part of the days such as the early morning or late evening. 

If you have recently shifted to a new place and the climate there is hotter than your previous region than make sure you are giving yourself ample amount of time to settle following the current environment and in the initial days start your workout with a slow pace and less intensity which you can gradually build up to because even the professional sportsperson take around a week to ten days to match their routine with the new climate.

2. Take Regular Intervals Between The Game

Learning the importance of breaks is very important and especially for youngsters who might go on to take things on his ego at times. it is very important to have a schedule of the rest period and hydration intervals. 

Keep this period of a minimum of ten to fifteen minutes after any sort of exercise. The new players especially children or the old coaches might need more of it than the regular professionals who are at their peak of form. And after a long tiring day, make sure you spend some time under a tree shed to cool off before heading back to your home.

3. Reduce The Potential

Almost every single year plenty of sportspeople end up their career due to heatstroke or death. The institute of medical science states that it is very essential for a sportsperson to have a goodnight’s sleep in well-balanced filtered air. 

Considering the installation of a good ducting AC system such as ducted air conditioning Sydney will help him to keep his house as well as the bedroom cool in the hot summer days. Air conditioners are said to be the most effective factor when it comes to protection against heat-related illnesses or deaths. 

4. Keep The Hydration Your Priority

Although it is obvious that keeping yourself hydrated before going out for any sports activity with a big glass of a nutrition-rich cool drink will work wonders in the field. If you are still at your young age make sure the hydration should always remain your priority whose importance you will notice while you are in between the games. 

Failing to do so will make you suffer from any of the heat illnesses and might lead to a medical emergency in no time. So, make sure you act before your body starts giving you warning signs. 

5. Act Before It’s Too late

In such situations, you have to be super quick in taking action and have to ensure that you are one step ahead of any emergency that could arise. Sportsperson works hard to get the performance and they can not stay back due to hot weather. 

But the sun doesn’t choose its prey selectively so staying hydrated and following good habits can save you from reaching the hospital and starting medications. Before you fall prey to heat exhaustion which is an early stage of heatstroke, you can notice the symptoms such as tiredness, weak body, feeling nauseated, and occasionally dizziness or passing out for short period. 

The physical signs of the body will be skin turning cold and clammy whereas it might look a bit flushed or pale. In such a situation make the person sit down or lie if he is not able to sit and make sure there is enough shade and give him cool drinks until the medical help arrives.

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