Holiday Packaging Ideas for Your Retail Business

Holiday Packaging

Retail boxes are being used for years in the retail industry for the products’ safe and attractive packaging. And in the holiday season, there are maximum chances for retailers to increase their sales. So, they try to opt for more creative and cost-effective solutions. Normally, retail boxes are made of corrugated cardboard material, bux board, and kraft stock, but some more material is also used for holidays. Several customization options can make them more appealing. Die-cutting, embossing, gold/silver foiling, and custom window cut-out are the most used customization options. Customized tapes with beautiful designs are also used. Printing is focused a lot on increasing their physical aesthetics. High-end printing machinery is used along with the latest available PMS and CMYK color schemes. To make the surface of the packaging smooth and shiny different finishing materials are also used. Some of those materials are gloss, matte spot UV, and matte UV. Different types of toppings are also added to make them more beautiful.

Retail boxes are very commonly used in retail stores to increase the presentation of the items. During the holiday season, some special additions are also made to give them a new look. During the holiday season, everyone rushes towards the big shopping malls and rental stores to make purchases. Here are some of the unique ideas that can be used in retail businesses for holiday packaging to win customers’ hearts.

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Choosing Non-Traditional Designs – During the holiday seasons, custom printed retail boxes are designed more creatively. The traditional designs are commonly used for your products should be changed, and more sophisticated and creative ideas should be adopted. Try to go with a non-traditional design that is rarely used. Select a new design every time that should reflect the holidays’ theme and ongoing events these days. Light colors should be used that can make the packaging more attractive. Also, avoid using strong cardboard unless it is extremely important.

Try to use the Kraft paper with more unique and beautiful designs.

1. Custom Tapes

Another smart way to make the custom retail boxes more appealing is the use of sealing tapes. Instead of using traditional brown parcel tape or transparent sell tape, try to use some customized and more attractive tapes. Try to use custom printed tapes or glittering tapes. They left an extremely long-lasting impression on the buyers. Brand name or other required symbols or logos of the brand can be printed attractively. Also, glittering tapes are loved by everyone.

2. Use Toppings

Retail boxes wholesale are customized with different add-on options to give a sensational look to the items. There are several types of add-on options that can be used to grab customer attention. The use of ribbons, beautiful ornaments, and instant bows are the most attractive options that are loved by people of every nature. The use of hanging cards to write some information or messages about loved ones is also a good option. It can give them the look of a gift packaging.

3. Use of Paper Bags

Buying retail boxes in bulk can be a bit cost-effective in terms of reduced transportation costs. But when suddenly sales jump to the maximum level, there is a need to adopt a more cost-effective solution to minimize the expenses incurred to package the products. Paper bags are the best solution to meet this need. They can provide a smart solution to protect the items and help businesses make more revenues. 

4. Festive Packaging

A festive packaging can act as the best affordable retail box to cover the holidays’ ongoing events. Printing the images related to the event can catch the attention of buyers more quickly. Christmas and New Year are the two biggest events of the year, and designing the packaging according to these events can be a great step to attract the buyers. Catchy images regarding these events can be printed quite attractively, and it will also make the items dedicated to the consumers.

5. Tissue Papers

Retail packaging providers in the USA are making packaging with healthy tissues. They are made in different colors with different designs. Text displayed on them can increase marketing effectiveness. The most significant benefit of these issues is that they can be used to protect other items, too, to get scratches. Sensitive items can also be preserved with them from dust and other environmental effects. They come with perfect finishing and are made more holidays specific. 

6. Folding Gift Packaging

These custom retail boxes are handy when brands are suffering from the storage space due to the increased workload. These high wall boxes are customizable into any size. Beautiful and attractive lids are used to cover them. This is more useful to package the gift items. The use of different ribbons also plays a vital role in increasing their aesthetics. Different desired colors, according to the need, can also be used to make them visually appealing. They are the right choice for the holiday season because of their effectiveness.

7. Consider Sustainability 

The most necessary feature to be considered in every type of box is the presence of sustainability. Making sure that your shopping retail packaging boxes are made of such materials that are environmentally friendly can further increase the brand’s reputation. It is a majorly discussed topic across the countries and debate on it rises to a maximum in holidays. Displaying the prominent signs of sustainability on them can benefit you in making more sales than usual.

All the ideas mentioned above can make the retail boxes more relatable to the holiday season. People want something unique that they have not experienced in their routine. It gives the buyers peace of mind. All these techniques can be implemented most reliably and cost-effectively to make the items distinctive.



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