Having Trouble Deciding The Best Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon For Yourself?

Having Trouble Deciding The Best Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeon For Yourself?

Prostate cancer is one of the most common varieties of cancer, popular in men. As per an estimate, it will affect close to 250,000 people in the year 2022, in the US alone. Like any other cancer, prostate cancer is also lethal, but not in most cases.

There is a good chance that you will be able to deal with this cancer, but only with the help of the best robotic prostate cancer surgeon.

You may be wondering about who is a robotic prostate cancer surgeon? The thing is, there are multiple ways how you can treat prostate cancer cases. Open prostatectomy was the most popular way of treatment. Here, the doctor uses their hands and various medical and surgical equipment to create an incision from the lower abdominal to the pubic bone to take out the prostate and some extra tissues where the cancer cells may have spread.

Open prostatectomy is of two different types. In the first type, in an open radical retropubic prostatectomy, the incision is created from below the belly button to the pubic bone area to take out the prostate. While, in the second type, radical perineal prostatectomy, the incision is created from the anus and the scrotum, with the same aim as in the retropubic prostatectomy.

What Does A Robotic Prostate Surgeon Do?

In the last paragraph, we talked about the open prostatectomy methods used in the past by surgeons. With the technological advancements, most patients and doctors prefer to go with a Laparoscopic prostatectomy.

In a laparoscopic prostatectomy, instead of creating large incisions from one body part to another, multiple small incisions are created in the lower abdominal from where long medical equipment is inserted to operate. One of the long instruments also consists of a camera for the surgeon to operate.

As you may have understood, the difference between an open prostatectomy and a laparoscopic prostatectomy is between the incision size that has to be created, and the method used for the removal of the prostate.

In a robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy, the surgeon has to be extremely experienced, because it is not performed by robots. An experienced surgeon has to sit behind a control panel to control the robotic machinery, which does the rest of the work. This method provides better precision and view to the surgeon. Although, this kind of surgery requires a lot of knowledge and experience for the surgeon to perform this operation successfully.

Difference Between Open And Laparoscopic Surgery?

In most cases, robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery is preferred over open radical prostatectomy operation techniques. There are several benefits of laparoscopic surgery over open surgery like less pain, lesser blood loss, faster recovery, shorter bedtime (Hospital Stays), etc.

Most of the benefits of laparoscopic surgery involve the fact that smaller incisions lead to lesser pain, blood loss, and faster recovery compared to an open prostatectomy where the incision is much larger.

A robot-assisted laparoscopic operation is also a faster treatment with similar results as an open prostatectomy. Although, for the success of the operation, and the best results you should only find the best robotic prostate cancer surgeon in New York.


A patient needs to understand how much the experience and knowledge of the surgeon will matter in cases like this, especially when treating the patient’s using the robotic laparoscopic prostatectomy treatment. It requires a great deal of precision and accuracy from the surgeon, otherwise, the machines can lead to various side effects as well.

The best robotic prostate cancer surgeon will guide you during the whole procedure and help you understand and deal with the post-surgery issues, that may exist in some patients.

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