Great Tips to Avoid Garage Door Installation Mistakes

Great Tips to Avoid Garage Door Installation Mistakes

Installation of a garage door is not a difficult task but that doesn’t mean you can do it carelessly. If you are unsure of your skills it is better, you hire a professional to do it. Most of the time the installation is also related to the warranties. Ignoring the facts that can damage your warranty claim and it can be a big mistake for future maintenance. If you have decided to proceed with the installation, then it is highly recommended to watch a few videos online to prepare yourself for the task. A lot of people want to try the garage door installation by themselves but they repeat the following mistakes over and over again. 

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Ignoring the manual

This is probably the biggest mistake of all. The manufacturer develops the user manual to inform the user about the product and people ignore it completely. They prefer to explore themselves and want to learn by doing it. Well, it is a good philosophy but not when your investment is at stake. You should use the manual to prepare for a successful installation. It is like a step by step guide to teach you how to do it.

Poor measurements

As suggested by the garage door replacement services in Lithonia GA, that getting the basics of the garage door is not enough to successfully install the garage door. You must survey the place where you want to install the garage door and purchase a model that fits your needs. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for taking the measurement. Because a single miscalculation can make your investment useless and you might need a replacement later. If you can’t do it yourself, then call a friend who’s good with measuring equipment. 

Use of wrong tools

Preparing the toolkit takes time and you need a complete command on the various parts of the garage door to prepare a suitable toolkit. Usually, if you just open the user manual it is written what type of tools you would be needing for the installation. A few tools can replace the others but you need to gather maximum tools as recommended by the manufacturer. Remember that tools may include a ladder as well.

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Avoiding safety measures 

Dealing with the garage door installation is easy but it is not simple as it seems. The garage door itself is quite heavy and if you don’t take the necessary safety measures you can get hurt. So, gather the basic safety kit or read online the basic safety guidelines. The safety equipment may include, gloves, glasses, shoes, a ladder, vice grips, etc. Make sure you gather all of the listed items for a safe installation. If something’s missing you can borrow it from a friend.

Working alone

The strategy to work alone is simply flawed, even professionals work in teams to ensure a smooth installation. There are a lot of things to pay attention to during the installation and you can’t do it single-handedly. The garage door itself is a heavy item, just imagine how would you be able to install it efficiently. It is better to call a friend or a neighbor for help. 

Ignoring the adjustments

This is a particular area where you can tell whether a garage door has been installed by a professional or not. The final adjustments are extremely important for smooth functionality. If you don’t adjust the sliding support or ignore the adjustment of the pulley, then your door might show irregular movements and make strange dragging sounds. Therefore, It is better to consult the user manual before installation. 

Installing the sensor at a wrong place

When you have installed all the hardware, now you have to install the sensor system to ensure the automatic closing and opening. This mechanism has a very delicate sensor system that intercepts the signal. If you install this equipment in a place where the closing area isn’t always clear, then you might face sensor-based issues. 

The garage door installation can be taken as a small DIY project that you can do with your kids as well, but make sure the safety procedures are followed. If you are stuck somewhere and face a critical issue, remember that you can call the experts anytime you want to. You would be amazed to know how fast the professionals can work. 

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