First Contest of Educational Videos

First Contest of Educational Videos

Digital education and new technologies are causing a revolution for educational institutions around the world, and are becoming a key factor for the reputation and visibility of modern universities. Audiovisual content, and more specifically educational videos, are one of the key components of online educational experiences (MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses; SPOCs, Small Private Online Courses, etc.). Likewise, educational videos play an essential role as an element of video content exposure, but also of motivation for students. Thus, unlike recorded classes, which are limited to reproducing the traditional face-to-face model, educational videos demand greater capacity and conciseness from the teacher when transmitting their knowledge, at the same time that they also give him the possibility of showing his originality and creativity when explaining the principles and concepts of his discipline.

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Education-based on short, clear, and effective videos has led to successful online education experiences and platforms such as Khan Academy and has also allowed the creation of new pedagogical models such as the flipped classroom or flipped class, in which the student watches the videos at home, the library, or anywhere from a mobile device, as many times as he or she wants, and comes to the classroom to do practice or answer questions.

The Vice-Rector’s Office for Strategy and Digital Education launches, for the first time, and as part of a series of calls that will promote various aspects of Digital Education and Teaching Innovation at our University, and Educational Videos Contest to promote the culture of education digital on our campuses.

Video contest

With the video contest, users will have to upload their videos to participate. You can also ask other users to vote for their favorite video and thus help you choose the winner.

What do you get from a video contest?

Create original content

With a video contest, you will encourage participants to upload original and different content and reinforce the User Generated Content. You will be able to connect with your audience and even use the material for your marketing campaign.

Increase engagement

If the prize is interesting for users, your video contest will surely be a success. Besides, they will be able to ask their fans to vote for them to win. The dissemination of your campaign will be assured!

Capture leads

The users interested in your brand and video contest will be encouraged to participate and invite your friends to vote. With this, you will be able to capture their data to thicken your CRM. Entertainment is marketing too!

Segment your audience

Integrate the data obtained with Cool Tabs with your CRM, DMP, or email marketing platform, segmenting them according to the data you have requested in your video contest.

Your campaign, wherever you want

Integrate your video contest with our content widget on your website, blog, app, Facebook page. You can generate quality leads through any channel!

Optimize your action

Analyze the data collected in real-time with our conversion panel and our advanced statistics. Easily detect strengths and leaks and adjust accordingly.


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