Dog Detox Made Simple for New Dog Parents

Dog Detox Made Simple for New Dog Parents

Haven’t you heard? Dog detox may be the best bet for your dog to grow!

Everything that your dog inhales is part of your health. The food, water, and even the air they breathe. All actively play a common role in the nourishment of your pet. But let’s face it, our dogs are exposed to; 

  • Heavy toxic metals too like mercury 
  • Petrochemicals 
  • Solvents 
  • Certain pesticides
  • Food additives etc too.

We know mercury is hazardous for humans but what about dogs? Well, according to John Moore, mercury and dental health researcher, the plastics to concrete to medicine, these all contain particles. 

But you need to remember that dogs despite whatever breeds they might be are smaller than us. So the toxins can be a lot worse or even accelerate in their case!!! 

But fuss not guys. Since dogs can’t speak for themselves, being a responsible dog parent you need to keep a close on your puppy feeding chart. This is just one minor step to ensure you are heading the right way. 

Detoxing your dog is possible through doggie treat recipes too! It’s not even a joke but there are some quality ways to flush the toxins out of your dog’s system. 

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Want to know how? Let’s take a sneak peek below. 

First track the level of toxins in your dog 

What if your dog accidentally ingests a toxic material? You cannot supervise your dog 24/7 which is why you need to use dog crates or gates for specific hours.

But if you left your dog outdoors, let’s say your backyard, you still know weed killers and pesticides are used to keep the garden clean. 

Besides, let’s not forget the environmental toxins like the chemical road or the motor oil too. Some toxins are naturally produced within your dog’s body too like ammonia. This affects your dog’s metabolic process. 

Since it can cause physical damage to a dog’s health, fur, and organs here’s how you can detox for good. 

1. Doggie treats 

Go, organic guys. 

If you want to improve the quality of the food, nothing is better than homemade food for your dog. You can also try giving some fruits and veggies too that are safe to add to their meal plan. 

This way you can easily avoid food additives and guarantee whatever goes inside the dog’s tummy is safe. Commercial food usually has poor-quality proteins which can also affect a pet’s digestion. 

So a homemade doggie treat is your safest bet. 

2. Care for filtered water 

Tap water may seem fit to drink but you may not be aware of the toxic minerals within it like fluoride and chlorine. 

It’s not surprising to find traces of suspicious particles that can damage your dog’s health. So filtered water? 

Yes, please

This way you can avoid a lot of trouble. Ever wondered why your dog suffered from diarrhea often? Untapped water might have been the problem here. 

3. Home remedies are the cure 

Go green! 

Using herbal home remedies is another of the cool tricks to detoxify toxins out of your dog’s body. Even vets recommend using green supplements (organic veggies) that can become part of your dog’s meal plan easily. 

These supplements have high amino acids, are antioxidants, and have essential fatty acids too.

Another core benefit of using these supplements is that their unique properties boost the organ’s functioning too. It’s similar to the vitamins for dogs. You can use the ones prescribed by the vet.  

4. Exercise the excess weight 

Okay, so you may think what? But let’s face it, detox also means you need your dog to lose any excess weight too. 

I love to have my dog remain fit and healthy. No, what good homemade treats or herbal remedies will be if there are no physical activities? You need to schedule a daily workout routine with your dog!

Not only will it improve the blood circulation but remove the micro-toxins from the debris and eliminate the risk of other health conditions for dogs too.

5. Detox the house too! 

Yes, that’s right guys. 

Even to detox your dog, first, take care of the environment he lives in too. You need to keep the inside of the house free of any environmental containment as much as possible. 

For instance, if you are a smoker, then it’s time you plan to quit smoking or at least not inside the house. Especially not near your dog. 

The use of cleaners, air fresheners, and such other items automatically releases CFCs into the atmosphere that stays in the atmosphere for 8 hours! 

I understand some situations are just completely unavoidable for instance if you had your furniture polished or bought a new carpet. It’s best to keep your dog away from that particular zone. 

Is it ok to detox your dog?

Yes, but the detox is not only related to the consumption of food or water as discussed above. It’s about a healthy lifestyle for your dog. 

Being a new dog parent accidents will happen, none can be perfect, but you can always learn. So never stop putting your effort to improve your pup’s life. 


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